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WRITTEN REVIEW: Cheerbleeders

I've wanted to talk about this flick since Forest and I started Slaughter Film. I first watched it back in 2008, it was an official selection of the Erie Horror Film Festival.

Cheerbleeders got started as a thesis short film [11MIN.] by writer/director Peter Podgursky. Once complete, the reception was so great for Peter's film that he started working on turning it into a feature. It has toured the film festival circuit in an attempt to bring in funds for the feature film and I personally would love to see a full length Cheerbleeders on the big screen.

Penny, our protagonist, and her good friend Devon both attend Blackfoot High School. There, Penny and Devon stick out like sore thumbs among the jocks and cheerleaders. Aside from the typical "bully the kids that are different from us", it seem like your run of the mill high school experience. That is until Penny, preparing for a history presentation about ancient Egypt, discovers an Egyptian urn which belonged to her grandfather [an archeologist]. With the help from Devon and the urn, the presentation goes off without a hitch. Soon Devon finds himself feeling rather strange. He learns that the urn is cursed and has bestowed him with the unimaginable power, to make women horny.

Here is where I'm going to stop, it's only an 11MIN. movie remember, I don't want to give too much away. To help paint a better picture check out the trailer linked below.

I have to say, for a student film the production is top notch. The acting, special effects, cinematography, and music are what I expect from a horror movie. Now the story is a bit tongue and cheek which isn't for everyone but I happen to like it a lot. It feels like a page out of Tales from the Crypt or a segment from Creepshow but with a Troma twist. In fact, watching this feels a lot like watching a Troma movie. The short length forces Peter Podgursky to use a fast paced editing style, but through clever story telling, smart camera work and sheer talent the story remains rich.

Without a doubt I recommend this film! A copy may be hard to come by considering it isn't being distributed. Maybe you can catch it at a film festival or beg Peter real nice for a copy.

Films like these are why I go to the Eerie Horror Film Festival year after year. Forest and I need to start branching out to other horror related film festivals in our neck of the woods. If you know about any in the greater Pennsylvania, Ohio or New York area let us know and maybe we'll see you there.


★ ★ ★ ½