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OZZFEST: The 2010 Experience

This year the Slaughter Film gang were all able to catch up with Ozzy in Pittsburgh for one of the six Ozzfest dates this year. I can't express how much I enjoy Ozzfest, it's the only summer festival that I attend every year regardless who is on the bill. I've been going since 2003 [my senior year in high school]. I was so afraid that Ozzfest would be no more when Ozzy played second stage instead of main stage in 2008 and Ozzy took a year off in 2009. But according to interviews, Ozzy will keep Ozzfest going until he is dead and buried.

As you can see from the picture above, we know how to pre-game. We were pre-gaming so hard in fact that we missed a couple of bands. We did however get a chance to see:
Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue [regretfully], Halford, Devil Driver, Non Point [yeah, I guess they're still around], Black Label Society, Drowning Pool [*sigh], Kingdom of Sorrow, Skeleton Witch, and Kataklysm.
I always forget how much I enjoy Ozzy until I'm right in front of him. His music, his stage antics, and the skits that are shown before he enters the stage. This year he parodied Avatar, Jersey Shore, The Hangover, Twilight, and Iron Man 2. I won't talk to much about them for those of you who have yet to attend this years Ozzfest, but I have to say that the Twilight parody was hilarious and the Iron Man 2 skit made the whole crowd lose their shit!

Ozzy just recorded his new album Scream with guitarist Gus G who also accompanied him on the Ozzfest tour. I have to say that I enjoy the shit out of Zakk Wykde and his guitar playing BUT to hear classic Ozzy songs preformed with Gus G's clean riffing was FUCKING AMAZING! It made me think what it must have been like to watch Randy Rhoads. Ozzy's guitar change was a very good decision and Ozzfest 2010 was a blast!

Not only was the guitar playing great but Ozzy's performance was top notch. I haven't seen him preform so well in years. Jumping around the stage, he was really getting into it. He sounded good too. I can remember the last Ozzfest I attended, Ozzy sounded like his voice wasn't in the best shape and he seemed like he wasn't all there. But not this year!

Ozzy is the best but he is getting pretty old and I feel like every time I see him it could be my last, so I'm glad I was a chance to go this year. Maybe he'll tour more after Ozzfest to promote his album and if he does I'm going to try to see him again if he comes near my neck of the woods.

Well that's all for now but there is already talk of the Slaughter Film gang paying GWAR a visit in Cleveland, we'll let you know how that goes.