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JASON VS MICHAEL: An Original Short Film

This is a short film that I helped make with my friend Jarrod (the same Jarrod I mentioned in the Metamorphosis review). As all of you probably already know, there had been talk about a Freddy VS Jason movie more than ten years before it finally came out. Like most slasher fans, Jarrod and I were really excited to see it and to root for our preferred killer (Team Jason all the way!). We waited... and waited... and waited some more, but the movie never came out.

Finally in the summer of 1998, Jarrod could wait no longer and he decided to start working on his own serial killer slug-fest. He chose Jason VS Michael because that would mean minimal need for dialogue (and because frankly, Jason vs. Michael is just a more logical matchup). Eventually, friends and family members became involved in the project and the end result is what you see before you. This is the very first movie that I worked on and I hope you enjoy it.

By the way, expect to see more creative output from my early days (both writing and film). So stay tuned because there'e nothing I love more than completely embarrassing myself.

Well, enough from me. On with the show!




MitchyJean said...

I don't know why no one has commented yet, perhaps they were too dazed by the amazingness of this film to remember how to spell.. I love this movie, partly because I was there for some of it but mainly because I think Jarrod and you were very creative and imaginative and made something actually interesting, fun, and unique... i miss being a kid... now please start posting kids tapes.

Samuel said...

Funny movie. I love the idea for the dialogues. And what I love the most about this movie is the fact that both of them are dumbasses.