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PODCAST 21: They Live

Check out what Forest and Cory had to say about John Carpenter's They Live during a very politically charged, election edition of Slaughter Film. John [producer] also weighs in on the 1988 sci-fi/action, reality questioning masterpiece as the guys forced him to watch the film for the first time. They live, we sleep!

Also, Forest shares with the guys how he spent Halloween in Salem Massachusetts with a bunch of wax figures and hare krishnas.



★ ★ ★ ★ ½

T-Shirt Bordello

An excerpt from Satan Comes to Salem

Check out the original Max Headroom pirate broadcast from 1987. Then watch the very same Max Headroom get spanked for 14 minutes during another pirate broadcast.

In a similar vein of strange broadcasts, there has been a Russian radio broadcast that has been transmitting since the early '80s which is a non-stop alarm noise. It rarely stops, but when it does, a voice can be heard reading off a series of names and numbers then returns to the non-stop alarm. The video below includes some Max Headroom, then UVB-76 [Russian radio], followed by another recording of a radio broadcast that transmits non-stop and backwards. What the hell is this, and what is it for?




Gex said...

Oh yeah, Piper was awesome in They Live. There's another movie not very well known that you might find interesting that he was in. Hell Comes to Frogtown, a post-apocalyptic movie where Piper has to fight some mutated frog people (think planet of the apes, only it's Planet of the Frogs).

Thanksgiving is coming. I got a movie to recommend for you guys for that occasion, assuming you don't mind low-budget so bad it's good movies. Thankskilling, a movie about a big killer turkey who kills people and makes one-liners while he does it, such as "Gobble gobble motherfucker!"

Matthew Stewart said...

I just started getting into your podcasts, but I re-visit your old YouTube stuff every now and again and it still makes me laugh. I really enjoy your format, but still wish you would bring the old video reviews back from the grave. Just a comment on one topic you brought up during the show; this is an interesting article on the registered sexual offenders who have to live under a bridge down in Miami. (I live in South Broward, which is only about a half hour away)

It's an interesting story. Anyway, great job guys and keep up the good fight.