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PODCAST 33: Judge Dredd & Dredd 3D [Dreddful Mega Edition]

This week Forest, Cory and John compare Judge Dredd '95 and Dredd 3D '12 in a "Dreddful Mega Edition" of Slaughter Film. They also discuss how they were first exposed to the Dredd character and the extensive body of comic book work by Dredd's creator, John Wagner.

The three also discuss Super Bowl XLVII and it's commercials [Paul Harvey & GoDaddy Nerd Kiss], and Walking Dead season 3.



★ ★ ½


★ ★ ★ ½




Gex said...

Don't have time for games? Why not play The Walking Dead instead of watching the next movie you're going to review, and review that instead? It does have a storyline to it.

Hey, you did the deaf guy impersonation again! Oh wait, that's Stallone...

Awesome, you guys are Nostalgia Critic fans!

Gex said...

Oh yeah, and one other thing. This new Dredd movie was delayed from theatrical release due to another film called The Raid (aka The Raid: Redemption) that was made at around the same time, but got released first. Plot lines were too similar. Both movies took place in a large building where the protagonists had to fight their way out through criminals and a drug lord. The difference between the two, though, is that one had Dredd, the other had martial arts.

Lee said...

Great show, guys. Loved "Dredd", and felt "Judge Dredd" was just overshadowed by "Demolition Man" as far as Stallone sci-fi action stuff goes. "Demolition Man" was a bit more clever and fun, I thought. Anyway, Lena Headey's "Ma-Ma" was an awesome foil for Urban's Dirty Harrish Dredd. You have Dredd as such a strict beacon for law and order, and the might makes right idea, to the point where he's almost fascist, and then you have Ma-Ma, a beacon for chaos if there ever was one, who knows she'll eventually go down and welcomes that day...but she's going to take everyone with her, if she can. Such a simple set-up for a film yet so much is going on. It's a shame more people didn't catch on.