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PODCAST 40: Them & Bug [Creepy Crawly Edition]

This week the Forest and Cory talk movies of the creepy crawly variety. Forest shares his thoughts on the atomic-age classic Them, while Cory reviews the not so classic, Bug.

Also, Cory shares some work related rage and Forest talks about how his upcoming Troma themed power hour. And don't forget to check out Slaughter Film's new Letteboxd account.



★ ★ ★ ★ ½


★ ★ ½




Marc said...

Media representing the fears of a generation is a common theme... I always about comic heroes in that context.
From the radiation in Spider Man, over aliens in Superman, up to now, where the biggest heroes are 2 guys with huge R&D work in Batman and Ironman. There just is not as much to fear now that we can explain so much.
Which is probably why Paranormal Activity or exorcism movies is so popular now... supernatural things that can't be explained.

Speaking of, have you considered an episode centered specifically around bad/ridiculous horror movies?

Gex said...

There is one noteworthy bug movie made in the 50s that has killer bugs that aren't affected by radiation, space, or anything like that. It was released before Them!, it's also about ants (though normal sized), and it starred Charleton Heston. It is called The Naked Jungle. Granted, the first half of the movie doesn't show any ants, and it seems like a typical drama/romance movie. But then the movie changes, and it starts to get a little intense. Probably not worth reviewing by your standards, but it is worth seeing.