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PODCAST 50: Carnosaur 2 & Hostel

This week Forest continues his Carnosaur retrospective as he shares his thoughts on Carnosaur 2. Cory goes in a different direction, kicking off the summer travel season with Hostel.

The guys also discuss Forest moving into his new apartment, conveniently located above a bar, and the Eerie Roller Girls kick the tampons out of the Little Steel Derby Girls. All that and Seth MacFarlane's Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey.

Join Slaughter Film for their very first NetFlix Movie Night. Friday, June 14th at Midnight, log into NetFlix and watch Birdemic while Forest and Cory simultaneously "Riff" the film LIVE via webcam. Birdemic will also be accompanied by a drinking game. Remember June 14th to join in the fun.




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Gex said...

Carnosaur 2. Man, that movie brings nostalgia back for me; another movie I shouldn't have seen as a child, that I saw as a child. Last time I saw this movie, I got a few chuckles out of it. I thought it was more entertaining than the 1st one, even if it was a shameless Aliens rip-off. Plus the raptors looked better.

I was hoping you would mention what is easily one of the worst lines in movie history. Right after the chopper crashes, one of the guys says, "What the hell are we going to do, breathe?" The line was so dumb, I had to watch that scene again to make sure I heard it right.

I'm pretty sure you're saving that half star rating either for Carnosaur 3, or its spiritual sequel Raptor. It may not have "Carnosaur" in the title, but there is no doubt that Raptor is Carnosaur 4. If you thought Carnosaur 2 was a shameless rip-off, wait until you see that movie.

And Hostel, I didn't think that movie was too bad when I first saw it. But Cory, you're probably not going to like the sequels if you decide to watch them.

Matthew Stewart said...

While the whole torture porn era I think is mercifully over in Hollywood, I think Hostel is the only film that got it right. While the violence went a little silly near the end, especially with the eyeball scene, the story was still interesting and brought up some interesting socioeconomic concepts about that people do when they have too much money and their looking for fun.

Hostel 2 is pretty much Hostel 1 with a female cast, so it makes it a little more twisted and Part 3.....well, it's pretty damn bad.

Good luck with Carnosaur 3 Forest....

Lee said...

"Hostel" does the torture porn thing best. There's enough balance of light-hearted stuff in the set up to make the gooey stuff much more effective. The first half of the movie is "EuroTrip", the second half is "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre". This is still Roth's best work.