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PODCAST 54: Society & Ice Cream Man [Suburban Terror Edition]

This week Forest reviews the paranoid body-horror flick, Society, while Cory celebrates the summer weather yet again, by reviewing Ice Cream Man. All this and a new trivia segment has been added to the show. So test your horror filled brain during "Know Your Horror", and post your answers below.

They guys also share their thoughts on Man of Steel, Cory's $160 birthday speeding ticket and Friday the 13th Part 5 finally being added to the Netflix roster.



★ ★ ★ ½


★ ★

Another famous Ice Cream Man. Mr. Tastee, from The Adventures of Pete & Pete




MJ said...

The Answer to the trivia question is Psycho.

Both the movies you guys reviewed this week are right up my alley of weird and 80s cheese. If you like You should check out The Stuff. Keep up the good work guys!

I would love to see a Friday the 13th part 5 Netflix night as its my favorite installment.

Happy belated B-day Cory!

Gex said...

If your producer feels that way about us listeners who were too busy doing important stuff that needed to be done rather than listen in on the Netflix night event, as much as we wanted to participate, then he can just go watch that movie "John Dies at the End".

Hey Cory, to help with hangovers, you should have scrambled eggs and a banana.

Ice Cream Man, makes me think of Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal.

Forest, how can a movie that stars Roddy Piper and Sonny Chiba, that Immortal Combat movie, only get one star? I haven't seen it, so I'm curious as to why it's so terrible.

Best live action family movies of the present, uh, I thought Hugo was good, and Bridge to Terabithia, The Last Mimzy, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Other than those and Where the Wild Things Are and Harry Potter, yeah, nothing is on par with 80s movies. Still need to see Arthur and the Invisibles though.

As for the trivia, what's the point? All someone has to do is google it and find the answer. For example, I google "1960s horror movie that used chocolate syrup for blood" and several sites pop up that say Psycho used Bosco chocolate syrup. Something like this would only work during a live broadcast with a time limit, such as during NetFlix night.

I'll try not to miss the next NetFlix night.

John Walkiewicz said...

To extend the trivia: what 1990's sitcom character used Bosco as his ATM password?
John Walkiewicz
Erie Film LLC

Slaughter Film said...

@ MJ

Yeah, I know people could just use the internet for answers, but I'm going to try to find more obscure question, and word then in ways that are less "google-able". Especially when there are prizes at stake. Psycho was just to get the ball rolling, and yes we should incorporate trivia into Netflix Movie Nights.

George Costanza

- Cory

lilvin69 said...

I cant watch the netflix nights i live in canada and netflix has diffrent movies on the canadian version