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WRITTEN REVIEW: Horror Effects: Hosted by Tom Savini

Horror Effects is an interesting meet and greet style conversation with effects legend Tom Savini. He recounts some of his favorite effects from thought the years and how he accomplished these effects. We also see on set, and behind the scenes footage from Savini’s personal collection from Dawn of the Dead, Monkey Shines, Creep Show and more.

Horror Effects covers not only make-up and sculpted puppets, but the animatronics that give life to horror movie monsters, as well as how Savini has used these props for practical jokes on and off the set.

I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories from convention goers over the years who say that Tom Savini is a total asshole in person. I haven’t had the opportunity to witness this first hand, but maybe I will someday, like a right of horror convention passage. But with Horror Effects, you get to hear the stories and see the footage that you’ve always wanted to hear/see but you were afraid to ask. Horror Effects offers a nice duche-bag buffer zone.

I do have a few problems with this doc. First, the title. Horror Effects: Hosted by Tom Savini. Well, it’s actually hosted, and produced by John Russo who interviews Tom Savini which is misleading. Another problem I have is that even IMBD says that this doc. is from 2008, which isn’t true. Horror Effects was made and released on VHS in 1989 and re-released on DVD in 2008, which is also rather misleading to people who are interested in purchasing it without having seen it before. Not to mention that at times it seems a little too much like a commercial for John Russo’s other works. But with that said, these problems aren’t that big of a deal.

While it is dated, if you are interested in seeing how some of Tom Savini’s special effects were done, Horror Effects it definitely worth a watch. As I said it’s available on DVD and VHS if you look hard enough for it, but it can also be seen on Youtube. Enjoy!


★ ★ ½