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PODCAST 72: The Descent & Doomsday [Marshall Madness]

This week Forest & Cory celebrate the works of filmmaker Neil Marshall. Forest reviews the claustrophobic monster flick The Descent, while Cory takes a trip into the post-apocalyptic with Doomsday.

The gang also cover their Halloween happenings, Lewis CK's film Pootie Tang and BigSushi.fm raising money for kids. If you want to help the cause by donating, follow the link below.



★ ★ ★ ★ ½


★ ★ ★ ½

Neil Marshall's first film, Combat.

An interview with Neil Marshall.




Lee said...

I really like Neil Marshall's stuff. Centurion is actually a pretty badass little semi-historical sword and sandal action film. Good acting and well-paced. I felt Doomsday was a nice little rip-off/love letter to John Carpenter and George Miller, as it borrows a lot from Escape from New York and The Road Warrior. I like The Descent the least of all his work so far. I felt the movie didn't really need the monsters at all. Good show as usual, gents.

Gex said...

Funny story, the first time I saw Pootie Tang was backstage where the choir was rehearsing, at church, when I was younger.

Kinda hate to ruin your joy of "The Descent" Forest, but do you know about The Descent 2?

The candy corn horror trivia was the most informative yet entertaining bit of information I've heard all week.

Anonymous said...

Rhona Mitra was the original Lara Croft, playing her at conventions.
John Walkiewicz

Kenneth Serenyi said...

You guys are great and all, but when will that Ricki Morrow be a guest?

Slaughter Film said...

@Kenneth, She was going to sit in during our anniversery podcast and one of our Netflix Movie Nights, but she had to work. I'm sure she'll show up sometime. - Cory