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PODCAST 78: Devil & Saint Nick

This week Forest & Cory go it alone as John is on leave, visiting with some family for the holiday season. With John outta the way, Forest shares his thoughts on Devil, and Cory reviews the Dutch holiday horror Saint Nick. A Santa movie with "black face".

Forest and Cory also discuss watching holiday films and Thor: Dark World, which leads to Marvel's next film Guardians of the Galaxy. Guess what! Godzilla is coming!



★ ½


★ ★

Guardians of the Galaxy bio

Godzilla 2014




Lee said...

Got to agree, Devil is pretty insulting to non-believers (like myself). I got to say, I had no idea M. Night Shyamalan didn't direct this one either, as it seems like one of his ham-fisted, one-trick-pony twist films. One of my fave examples of a film promoting faith over the lack thereof, that I still actually like, is the Hammer Dracula film Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968), where the atheist hero needs to first say a prayer and find God in order to destroy Dracula for good (or until he's brought back to life in the next film).

Gex said...

Surprised you guys didn't mention the best so-bad-it's-good part of Devil. The toast landed jelly-side down, that means the devil is here! Aaaaaahhhh!

Also surprised you guys didn't keep going with the Batman jokes. I mean, Tom Hardy was the last guy in Devil, and he plays Bane.

Or you could've thrown in some Bronson jokes instead. Old lady shows up, says she's taking Hardy's soul, an he just replies, "Shut the fuck up you cunt! Shut it!". I want to see that in a movie, some guy calling the Devil a cunt.