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TOYS FOR TOTS: Slaughter Film Plays Santa

We here at Slaughter Film feel that it's important to give to those in need. While the holiday season if full of magic and wonder, some children aren't fortunate enough to enjoy it like everyone else. That's why Slaughter Film always donates to Toys for Tots.

This year Forest & Cory joined forces with the Actiontoy Man for their 2nd annual "Toys for Tots Star Wars Clone Trooper Event".

Forest & Cory hangin' with a Clone Trooper and the legendary Boba Fett.

Actiontoy Man is a locally owned shop that deals in action figures, toys, games and other collectables. It's a really kick ass place to check out if your in the area, especially if you looking for that hard to find piece for your collection.

Also, please consider donating this year to Toys for Tots and help make this Christmas a better one for some lucky boy or girl. It doesn't have to be very extravagant or expensive. This year Forest & Cory donated a few WWE action figures, a couple Barbie Dolls, a Temple Run board game and a several misc. toys for younger children.

Remember, every little bit helps!