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PODCAST 84: Groundhog Day [Marmot Edition]

This week, just in time for the holiday itself, Forest & Cory discuss the Harold Ramis comedic masterwork Groundhog Day, starring the legendary Bill Murray.

The gang also cover season two of the History Channel's show Vikings, Forest sings a tune from Cool Runnings and there is much talk of "puking and shitting everywhere".



★ ★ ★ ★

Supernatural has a "Groundhog Day" of their own.

Vikings season 2 trailer

Cool Runnings, just because.




Kenneth Serenyi said...

Great show guys! I just feel that there were some missed opportunities for bad puns and references to other Bill Murray films. Bill Murray was Scrooged about Groundhog Day. Murray's character remembered to declare himself a god from Ray's mistake in Ghostbusters. Anyway, I've inspired enough groans. Thanks for the show!

Gex said...

Where's the big red dog joke?

With that dumb groundhog day joke out of the way, I have a question. Did you know that letterboxd.com also allows ratings/reviews for WWE/WWF events? I guess if it's on DVD/Blu-Ray, it counts. I went one step further in checking as to what is on that site, and sure enough, they also do workout videos.

They don't seem to be doing tv shows yet, which is good, because I expected this site to just be about movies. Things can get too muddled if you throw in too much into a site like this. Maybe if they made a separate site for tv shows?