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PODCAST 108: Son of Kong & Phantasm 2 [Summer Movie Gods Edition]

This week Cory continues to interpret the fantastical Phantasm film series with Phantasm 2. Forest compares modern summer movie trends with those of the '30s as he reviews Son of Kong. So if Kong had a kid, where is lady Kong?

Forest & Cory also discuss Germany dominating the world via the FIFA World Cup, viewing the Erie Film Fanatics presentation of Carnival of Souls at the recently opened Basement Transmissions film/concert/art venue. All this and Cory is rescued from the seven seas by a pair of mystical mermaids. Oh, and there is Transformers 4 talk for no good reason at all.



★ ★


★ ★ ★ ½

Oh the glory days with Phantasm 2 on Monstervision




Gex said...

Back to defend Michael Bay again. I enjoyed the new transformers movie. Why? Because you gotta embrace the ridiculousness of it all. It's hilarious. Case in point:

There's a scene in the film where you see an obvious shot of a Bud Light truck, which the transformers blow through in slow motion. Nice advertisement, but they're not done yet. Now we see a shot of the camera panning over all the Bud Light bottles scattered all over the street like the bodies of fallen comrades on a battlefield. Kinda hammering in the ads at this point, but it gets better. Then we see Marky Mark argue with a guy, grab one of the Bud Lights on the ground, break the cap off the side of the car, chug it down, and then toss it away like a boss. The whole sequence is, without a doubt, the most unapologetic overuse of in-movie advertisement I have ever scene. It's pure gold. I had to laugh at it. You can't tell me you don't find this funny. Bay had to use ads in the film, so he decided to go all out with them to the point where the overuse made it hilarious. That might actually be a genius move on his part.

But of course the overindulgence doesn't stop there. Of course you know of the dinobots. You know that Optimus Prime rides one into battle charging with his sword in the air. But that's not enough. To make it more ridiculous and goofy, he has to tap the dino's ass with his sword while making the charge. Not only is there a sex pun in there somewhere, but that little tidbit just magnifies the ridiculousness of it all. Again, it had me laughing.

I'm pretty sure that Bay is self aware at this point that the whole concept is a joke, so he has no problem making the joke bigger and grander, because why not? It's also out of spite for the haters, because fuck 'em, the franchise has lovers who are in on the joke, who know how to enjoy these movies for what they are.

Not to mention, there are other action films that come out regularly that are worse than any film in this franchise (The Fast & Furious films, Kick Ass 2, Elysium, etc.), all of which have plots that are just as ridiculous as Transformers, but not as entertaining because they don't know how to flow with being ridiculous, whether they're self-aware of it or not.

And speaking of the story, I thought it was fine. Sure it's got plot holes, but it's also got fucking dinobots. You can't have a film that has both dinobots and no plot holes in it. The story had some decent political messages, about past/present/future, and a few others, both subtle and blatant.

And then of course there are some great one liners that are impossible to take seriously, which I'm sure is the point. Case in point:
"Where is your warrant?"
"My face IS my warrant!"

Ridiculous moments aside, the film has some good action scenes, as expected. For one thing, unlike the other films, I could follow everything and keep track of who was who in each and every single sequence. They finally got that part right with those films.

There's also one pretty good action scene involving only the humans at one point. It takes place in the side of a very tall building in the slums of China, where Mark and an antagonist are going down this building. Some impressive stunts and tension for that scene.

Long rant over.