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PODCAST 110: Tremors & Phantasm 4: Oblivion

This week Cory returns from his journey through the dimensional fork and gives one last interpretation of the Phantasm series with Phantasm 4: Oblivion. Forest returns to his summer trend of reviewing shark films. This time, land sharks as he reviews Tremors.

The horror-duo also chat about the various SYFY Channel shark movies, including the upcoming Sharknado: The Second One. They also cover Shakespeare in the Park, The Greenman, fifteen mile hikes & mailbag surprises [The Raid 2].



★ ★ ★ ★


★ ★ ★

Crazy credits.




Gex said...

Land shark movies, Forest? Come on, don't leave out the street sharks:

And don't review Ghost Shark. I watched it, it sucks (as if you didn't already know that). Just watch the highlights and ignore the rest:

Tremors, that franchise. I saw all 4 movies, and just to give you the heads up, they get really bad by the 3rd one. 1st one is easily the best, the 2nd one is dull until it finally does something different for the 2nd half of the film.

About the SyFy movies in general, I fucking hate them. They put no fucking effort into these fucking movies and yet they still make enough money to fucking make more of them. I'd rather watch Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor again than those films (the one Bay movie I'll admit sucks).

That said, I do want to see Sharknado 2. For one thing, Rifftrax advertised it. For another, the special effects, while still terrible, are a step up from the previous film from what I saw in the trailer.

Wasn't me who mailed The Raid 2, though I am interested in what address to use if I ever want to send you guys shit.

Tremors actually had one scene I thought was legitimately terrifying. When that woman in the truck gets sucked into the sand.

And yes, Tremors is a classic.

Mike got the "fucking ball in his head" from the 3rd movie, in that scene you mentioned was poorly edited when you said you couldn't tell if the tall man was putting the ball in Mike's head or pulling it out (it was the former). My theory is that the ball inserted in that movie was transforming Mike and absorbing some of his supernatural essence that he gained in the 4th film, or something like that. It absorbed some essence the Tall Man wanted specifically from Mike for some reason. And Mike might not be completely dead. He probably has become the gold ball. Who knows? Until the 5th film...

Nice psychological analysis though.