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PODCAST 124: The Dead Zone & The Night Flier [Long Live the King Edition]

This week Forest & Cory pack their bags and head to the state of Maine to celebrate the legendary career of Stephen King, the master of horror. This week Forest receives permissions from The Dead Zone and Cory gets visited by The Night Flier, a film that depicts the media as blood thirsty vampires.

Cory is stricken with car trouble and becomes a woman. Forest looses his job, hover boards happen and the Duo call out for a 19th Jaws film. All this and, "Is Forest's father the motor city madman himself, Ted Nugent?".



★ ★ ★ ★ ½


★ ★ ★ ½

From the director of The Night Flier

The coolest place to visit during the summer.




Gex said...

Hey, I liked It. It was only a spider monster because that was the form the group could fathom with their minds. Plus Tim Curry says one of the greatest lines in film history, "Kiss me fat boy!"

You're telling me that Walken's acting in The Dead Zone, while great, is better than him constantly going, "Rawr! Rawr!" in Sleepy Hallow?

If you guys want to watch Hellraiser so badly, why not make a Netflix movie night out of it? Netflix has just about all of them. Better do it quick before they act like assholes again and take those films down. But please, don't torture yourselves and review any of them past the 2nd one.

Matt from MN said...

Great podcast; Stephen King stuff hits me right in the nostalgia, ever since reading Salem's Lot when I was a kid. He's always been one of my top favorite fiction writers.

An interesting link between the movies is that Rick Dees appears in both stories. He tries to interview Johnny in the novel, but doesn't show up in the film version.

My personal favorite movie and TV adaptations would be The Dead Zone, The Stand miniseries and absolutely Maximum Overdrive. Who can resist Emilio Estevez and a soundtrack by AC/DC!?