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PODCAST 157: The Toxic Avenger Part 4 & Class of Nuke Em High [Troma-tic Edition]

This week Forest brings an end to "the Summer of Toxie" with The Toxic Avenger 4: Citizen Toxie. Cory joins Forest with a Troma flick of his own, The Class of Nuke 'Em High.

The Horror Duo also chat about Jurassic World, and Forest shares his thought on the films shortcomings. Cory explains why he enjoyed the WWE's John Cena during the recent Money in the Back PPV. Also, bourbon was involved and Cory ordered some of J.R.'s Family Bar-B-Q -- Mmmmm.

All this and what is perplexing about the new Terminator Genisys trailer and trailers in general -- they confuse the elderly, don't cha know?









Lee Russell said...

I'm with Forest, Jurassic World was just "meh". He hits all the reasons why I didn't like it, so I won't bother repeating him. I'm actually excited to check out the new Halloween. As long as it doesn't feature washed-up hip hop artists laying in martial arts on The Shape, or hillbillies saying "fuck" every three seconds, I'm hopeful. It sounds like they are sort of going the H20 route by directly following the events of the first two films. I say this asBloody Disgusting is reporting that the character of Deputy Gary Hunt from Halloween II is being cast

Gex said...

Regarding Jurassic World:
* Yeah, that "one death scene" was long and drawn out and mean. Wasn't sure what to think about it other than, "Well that person didn't deserve that."
* I hated that little dipshit kid the moment he started crying and whining about his parents getting a divorce. That plot development came out of nowhere. Seems to be tradition to have a divorce theme run through these films. Seriously, go back to the previous 3, they all have a divorce subplot somewhere in them. Hammond's 2 grandkids in the 1st film have their parents going through a divorce, Malcolm's black daughter's mom left him for Paris, 3rd movie it's obvious, and now this movie.
* The finale is awesome.
* That Mr. Nostalgia character annoyed the hell out of me with his dialogue about old is better. No one talks that bluntly about that shit. This film should've been more subtle, it isn't directed by an Asian.
* Hollywood assholes didn't want hardly any CGI in this film, and it suffers for it. Even the 3rd Jurassic Park movie had the decency to keep animatronics in the franchise.
* I do like the direction they seem to be going with the franchise however. I want to see a sequel called "Jurassic War", where dinosaurs are being used for various reasons around the world, including military campaigns, and there is a threat of them becoming a permanent part of the world's ecosystem. I just hope they don't end up using guns like in that one concept art bit released before this movie was made. Now all they need is an Indian who has a bow and arrow, and some guns, and is named Turok.
* No, it would've sucked if Asylum made this movie.

Personally, I liked the movie, but it was too blunt with its theme and message, especially with character line deliveries. It relies on viewer nostalgia for the first film because it tries to exploit the shit out of that. Plus, regarding the chubby guy from Law & Order, I knew how he was going to die within the first couple minutes of seeing him. He's about as cliche and 1-dimensional as characters get, to the point of borderline hilarity. But the action made up for it, up to a point, especially the finale. Overall, good, but it could've been better. Here's hoping the next sequel will be. And there will be another sequel.

You're worried about Terminator Genysis? I've already given up on it. And fuck James Cameron for endorsing it; sellout.

What are your opinions on the other 3 Jurassic Park movies? IMHO, 1st one is the best (obviously); 2nd one got worse with each viewing because of its pro-Animal Liberation Front views endorsed by fucking Vince Vaugn's character; and the 3rd one is better than the 2nd one because, while it's just a simple cash grab with no ambition behind it whatsoever, I still thought it was fun, with protagonists slightly more likeable than those in the 2nd film. 1 > 4 > 3 > 2.

Sorry, got carried away with this. I could go on for a while about these films.