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PODCAST 166: Apaches & Return to Oz [Kindertrauma Edition]

This week Forest & Cory take a look at another pair of "Kinder Trauma" films. Forest looks at Apaches, a public service announcement from the UK about farm safety. Cory watches the notoriously creepy film Return to Oz.

The horror duo also chat about the Ashley Madison & Jared "Subway" Fogle sex scandals, the validity of film rating websites like Rotten Tomatoes, and Elvira will soon get her own animated series. All this and Forest pisses off Scientologists by watching Going Clear -- a Scientology expose.



★ ★ ½


★ ★ ★ ½




Gex said...

Goddamnit Forest. You not only review Apache, but you recommended it for us listeners to watch? What the hell is wrong with you? So of course I'm going to watch it since it's only 26 minutes long, and now I feel fucking terrible inside. I expect these old "they're fucked up but we'll show them to kids in school anyway" movies to be more hilarious than disturbing, but nooooooooo, instead I see something that isn't funny at all, except for when you guys talk about on the podcast post-viewing. Those kids are fucking idiots and the adults are fucking assholes, but that doesn't make the film any less disturbing. I'm never watching that again.

Return to Oz, on the other hand, is friggin awesome. Way better than the original Wizard of Oz (yes, I just went there). I watched this movie when I was young and enjoyed it, and can still watch it today and enjoy it. Sure it's dark, and possibly disturbing for younger viewers, but compared to fucking Apaches this is Dora the Explorer.

Anyway, Forest, since you seem to have a fetish for fucked up kid films, I'll just go ahead and recommend one to you. It's an educational one just like Apaches, except it's more surreal, and it's about the dangers of playing on the railroad tracks. It's called The Finishing Line.

But enough of that depressing shit, I'm off to watch the actual entertaining education films. 1950s education on Homosexuals (the lesson: homosexuals are pedophiles), and 1950s education on How to Dress in Front of Your Husband (I shit you not, this is for real, and it's as offensive as you would hope).

Lee Russell said...

Well, I was already quite familiar with "Apaches", so thankfully I had no need to seek it out again. I seem to recall Canada having some films that were similar back in the day, that they would show us in elementary school. I vividly recall one about a kid who gets back at bullies by pointing at them and saying "zap", making them vanish. That was pretty creepy to see a kid near my age run in fear for his life only to be snuffed out of existence, even if he was a jerk.

I managed about 15 minutes of the six "Star Wars" films at once before things in my heads started to short out and grind to a halt. Oh well, we only use like 10% of our brains anyway, right? I can spare a lobe or two.