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PODCAST 187: Back in Action & Firepower [Wrestling with Action Edition]

This week the Horror Duo answers the call for requests. They take on 2 action flicks, both starring wrestling legends. Forest reviews the Roddy Piper flick Back in Action and Cory shares his thoughts on Firepower -- featuring Jim "The Warrior" Hellwig.

The pair also chat about The American Gladiators, the death of Angus Scrimm, and the 2016 release of his last film, Phantasm: Ravager. Forest rants about the Academy Awards and Cory gets shitfaced at the Voodoo Brewery. All this Cory asks the question we've all been dying to have answered; "Where is the penis on a Godzilla?".



★ ★


★ ★




Gex said...

You know, once the winter season has passed, you should replace that snowfall effect on your website with bloodfall.

Oh come on Forest. You talk about Back in Action, but fail to mention the brief but awesome fight scene between Billy and Roddy? And also fail to mention the best line in the movie, which Roddy says after Billy does some Tae-Bo move on him, "I hate that karate shit. Now you're under arrest for assaulting an officer with that crap. Now get your fat ass up now!" What's especially great about that line is that he calls Billy a fat ass. And then a Tae-Bo vs. WWF fight ensues. How the hell can you not give the movie more than 2 stars when it has something like that in it?

Plus there's the scene where Roddy fucks with a guy who has acupuncture needles in his head, Billy knocks out a guy while he's jacking off (the hobo dude, not Billy, that would just be weird), all the dumb lines, and Roddy yelling like a maniac during the fight scenes. This is one of the greatest most hilarious guilty pleasures ever made.

Cory says, "It's not good. I might have to review it sometime." That needs to be a quote on the website.

Regarding Firepower:
Whenever someone says that line "the zone" in Firepower, I'm always tempted to echo "Autozone!" in the way those commercials do.
And yeah, those names they gave the fighters were hilariously bad. I even started predicting names and matches, such as:
Insano vs. Madman
Loony vs. Nuts
Crazy vs. Certifiable
Thrasher vs. Molester
Drill vs. Mr. Ass

I could go on all day with making up names and vs. matches.

Yeah, it's absolutely fucking hilarious that the guy doesn't really give a shit after his wife and son are killed and then goes off with that hooker. What's even more hilarious is that, I don't think we're even sure that his son is dead. We see his wife carried out in a body bag, but I don't remember anything about the son. So either this guy didn't care to see if his son survived, or didn't care to see his son's body. Either way, he didn't give a shit, which makes me think he's a terrible fucking father, which just makes this movie even better.

Wow, I have to admit, I wasn't expecting 3 out of 4 so quickly. Hot damn if that isn't reason enough to send you another package. That said, it will be the last package for a while, so don't go thinking I'm made of gifts. I just feel this stuff would be better in your hands than in the hands of Goodwill.

Gex said...

One other thing, when Forest mentioned the "You have the right to remain silent, forever!" line, he missed an opportunity to make the connection to the Maniac Cop tagline displayed on the posters for the 1st and 2nd films.