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PODCAST 207: Audition & Ichi the Killer [Love You to Death Edition]

This week the Horror Duo launch their well deserved summer vacation which begins in Japan! And what better place is there than Japan to talk Takashi Miike? Forest shares his thoughts on Audition and Cory reviews Ichi the Killer.

In Japan, they chat about the first season of True Detective, the appeal of NASCAR, a possible return of Goldberg to the WWE, and the rich and sorted history of Herschell Gordon Lewis. If you flunked out this year and can't enjoy a summer vacation of your own, put that spare time to good use and check out Slaughter Film Summer School which will continue through June.

Check back next week where we will be recording live in Australia!


  • 00:00 Intro & News
  • 22:00 "Audition"
  • 40:25 Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 41:09 "Ichi the Killer"
  • 60:25 Comments & Conclusion



★ ★ ★ ★


★ ★ ★ ½

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Blake Matthews said...

I was listening to your Crippled Masters/Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave episode and it hit me: Forest *so* owes us a Brucesploitation review. You two should travel to Hong Kong on your vacation so Forest can review a Brucesploitation movie and Cory can review a kung fu cripsloitation movie.

And in Cory's review of Ichi, the martial arts movie where you lift your leg in the air and bring down vertically on your opponent's head is called an Axe Kick.

Gex said...

I've also heard that Audition's theme is all about lack of communication between the opposite sexes. They need to learn to communicate better. The audition is as fake as the movie is being a traditional love story, as fake as the facade around people's true motives, when things can be more direct and straightforward, which may have had things turn out for the better.

As for Ichi the Killer, I find that the ending is meant to leave the viewers in wanting much like how masochism, sadomasochism, joy through pain, etc., will ultimately leave such individuals in wanting as well. The rush to the end is wild, but by the end one is left unsatisfied (and likely hurt).

Jesus, it gets depressing when you think about it; both those movies. Anyway, so far my favorite Takashi Miike film is his most accessible one, 13 Assassins.

Anyway, my advice to you dudes while you're in Japan, eat the food while you can, 'cause they have some of the best food on the planet. That giant Gundam near that one mall is kinda cool, there's a bitchin' aquarium near the tower that lights up at night, and the arcades are expensive but addicting. Oh, and maybe take a stop at the Robot Cafe, the one place I was curious to go to but never did while I was there. Too bad you guys went while the Ghibli Museum is closed down (now who's depressed? muahahahah!).