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PODCAST 233: Battle Royale & Psychomania

This week Forest pays tribute to the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack by reviewing Battle Royale, followed by a comparison to The Hunger Games. Cory shares his thoughts on the zombie biker flick Psychomania - which was recently screened at the Erie Movie House.

The Horror Do also donated to Toys for Tots, they discuss the possibilities of what an expanded Star Wars universe could mean and what genres it could be adapted to and Cory encounters the origin of Bane! All this and Forest calls out for a crowd funding campaign to make a fully realized Ultimate Warrior film - based on the 4 part comic mini-series. Come on people, make it happen!


  • 00:00 Intro & News
  • 21:42 "Battle Royale"
  • 45:32 Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 46:42 "Psychomania"
  • 62:30 Comments & Conclusion



★ ★ ★ ★


★ ★

T-Shirt Bordello's Ugly Festivus Tee

Forest & Cory at Action Toy Man for the Toys for Tots event.




Blake Matthews said...

If Forest wanted something WW2-related, he could've gone with GODZILLA VS. KING GHIDORAH, or THE FINAL COUNTDOWN from 1980, in which the Nimitz travels back in time to the day before Pearl Harbor.

Cory said, "Where is the Godzilla Star Wars movie?" Well, Dave Filloni, the executive producer of the Star Wars Rebels program on the Disney Channel, is a huge Godzilla fan and actually made an episode featuring a giant monster called the Zillo Beast, which was an homage of sorts to Godzilla.

About protests and riots, isn't it kind of counterproductive for the anti-Trump/Republican cause to vandalize small businesses, since that would in essence be helping the Big Bad Corporations and Evil Capitalist Bigwigs by harming the competition and encouraging monopolies?

Blake Matthews said...

From the Wikip├ędia: Toads have a more sinister reputation. It was believed in European folklore that they were associated with witches as their familiar spirits and had magical powers. The toxic secretions from their skin was used in brewing evil potions, but was also put to use to create magical cures for human and livestock ailments. They were associated with the devil; in John Milton's Paradise Lost, Satan was depicted as a toad pouring poison into Eve's ear.

Anomalous Host said...

"Shut the fuck up and work harder."
Words to live by.

Oh my God! You reviewed Battle Royale! Yay! Now let's see if you review the cocksucking sequel, which has a shit-ton more plot holes than the first, and is anti-American. I did a drunk review of it on letterboxd awhile back, and when I'm drunk, I get a lot more emotional about those things. I won't post a link to the review, because honestly, I think I used too many fuck-bombs in that review. But others seem to enjoy the review. And the movie does have Riki Takeuchi in it.

I read both the novel and the manga, and honestly, I think the movie is better than both. It's paced better, gives more depth to the teacher as opposed to making him a 1-dimensional villain (who's also a rapist, just because he wasn't evil enough at that point apparently), and has a more logical outcome for getting off the island. But the novel did have a more pro-American ending compared to the film. The film ends with them running off to "who the fuck knows/cares land" (which ended up being the Middle East where they would become terrorists similar to Al-Queda and fuck shit up according to the movie sequel), in the novel they try to escape to America. The film director wasn't a fan of America, and neither was his son who finished directing Battle Royale 2 when he died.

But the manga, holy fucking jumping Jesus. The moment you see a character and their exaggerated face expressions, you know they're either evil, idiots, or good guys. You know the first time you see Mitsuko and how she shines a flashlight onto her face and gives a smile that cries out, "Trust me, I'm an evil bitch"? That's every character in the manga, except the exaggerated face expression goes to either extreme. Monotonous pacing. But the worst part is that it goes all hentai on you at unexpected moments. I'm not talking softcore ecchi porn here, I'm talking full on displays of boobs, dicks, pussies, assholes, and bodily fluids, with Japanese high schoolers! I mean, I shouldn't be complaining about that, because I like porn and hentai as much as the next guy, but it's not exactly something that meshes that well into a story like this. It's distracting, unnecessary, revolting (even for me), and every bit as overdone as everything else in the manga. The only positive I can give the manga is that it has a pretty awesome martial arts fight between that crazy asshole between Hiroki and Shinji (hope I didn't fuck up the names), giving Shinji a much more dignified "going out in a blaze of glory" moment as opposed to getting shot to shit by that girl he had a crush on. Aside from that one chapter, everything else about the manga adaptation is terrible.

You may be done with politics, but politics ain't done with you. Supreme Court passed legislation that allows the FBI to legally mass-hack computers.

Sleep tight.

Anomalous Host said...

Oh, right, one other thing. When I saw this movie for the first time, I didn't know Takeshi Kitano through his awesome yakuza gangster flicks. I knew him as being the host of MXC, Most eXtreme elimination Challenge (aka Takeshi's Castle). If you guys never watched that show, you missed out on one of the greatest politically incorrect entertaining as hell obstacle course shows in the world.

MXC New Jersey

Boulder Dash (greatest moment ever in MXC history)

Kenny Teeology said...

How about 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', 'Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale', or 'Silent Night Zombie Night'?

The Top 10 Wrestling Matches to See Before You Die.