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PODCAST 236: Barb Wire & Cherry 2000 [New Years Edition]

This week the Horror Duo celebrate the slow death of 2016 by reviewing a pair of films that are set in the distant year of 2017. Forest shares his thoughts on the comic adapted film Barb Wire - starring Pamela Anderson Lee. Cory covers an underrated and lesser known film, Cherry 2000 - starring Melanie Griffith.

The Duo also chat about their Christmas booty, eating copious amounts of holiday food, and good times spend with family and friends. They also pay a small tribute to Carrie Fisher who recently passed away, and what is to come from next years Alien: Covenant and Bladerunner 2049 films.

All this and they bitch about internet nerds who bitch about things...which they happen to be themselves...


  • 00:00 Intro & News
  • 26:34 "Barb Wire"
  • 44:45 Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 46:03 "Cherry 2000"
  • 65:35 Comments & Conclusion



★ ½


★ ★ ★

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Blake Matthews said...

I’m very glad that Forest will take on the Heisei Godzilla series in 2017. I would like to see Cory do something similar in parallel, perhaps some Ray Harryhausen films, or legendary bad giant monster movies (i.e. KONGA; THE GIANT CLAW; THE SEA SERPENT; AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN; etc.).

If Forest were made of money, he could pick up a trade paperback of BARB WIRE and do a written review of it, comparing it to the film.

One of the Dark Horse properties that got translated to film in the 90s was FAUST, which was directed by Brian Yuzna (Society; Silent Night, Deadly Night 4; etc.).

Question: Have each of you seen most of the movies that the other has reviewed over the past 4 ½ years? For example: Did Cory get around to watching SINBAD OF THE SEVEN SEAS and did Forest watch YOR, HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE?

Blake Matthews said...

This is funny: https://us.yahoo.com/celebrity/man-sets-up-gofundme-page-to-protect-betty-white-from-2016-205255567.html

Cherry 2000 is now topical: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/relationships/sex/french-woman-wants-to-marry-a-robot-as-expert-predicts-sex-robots-to-become-preferable-to-humans/news-story/fa40fc51a55564627589e80d3a527059

Blake Matthews said...

One more thing: When Forest does his Heisei Godzilla marathon next year, it would be interesting if he at least commented on the Japanese-language version of GODZILLA 1985, which got a legitimate DVD release this year (as RETURN OF GODZILLA).

Anomalous Host said...

You're going to review Raptor? You're going to review the Heisei Godzilla series? Holy shit, 2017 is going to be awesome! I can't wait to hear your opinions on those movies, and hear your cries of anguish and suffering while talking about Raptor. Muahahahah!

Regarding THAT scene in Invasion USA, I listened to some of the audio commentary on the blu-ray release of that film, and the director said this about that scene:

"I always thought it was important to show something highly villainous in the very beginning. Jamming the coke straw up her nose, shooting Billy's balls off in his pants, which Billy was really worried about, and throwing her out the window. [...] I really wanted to show extreme villainy in the beginning, that's why we see them shooting refugees in the beginning. [...] So once you see him do these things, once you see the villain do an extraordinary thing, you know, he doesn't have to do a lot more physical stuff. But he does so anyway."

In addition, Chuck Norris wrestles an alligator, something that Hollywood would never allow actors to do nowadays (pussies). They also shot the beginning sequence illegally, because the Coast Guard didn't approve of the bad guys being on a boat that guns down a bunch of refugees with the American flag raised. Wonder why the Coast Guard didn't approve?

Honestly, I didn't think 2016 was all that bad. Pretty sure it's because I'm more happy with the election results than most other people. 2017 will be great if the winner defies all expectations in a good way. Though there is a guy who predicted that he would win who also predicts that he will get impeached, so I guess all the sore losers have that to look forward to.

As for Carrie Fisher passing away, it's sad, but I don't get any emotion over stuff like this. So many of my childhood heroes died in the past, I just don't feel that much about that sort of thing anymore. Maybe I'm just a cold-hearted bastard.

Joel Champ said...

Sounded like Pennywise from IT tome. Good show and happy new year

Kenny Teeology said...

Regarding Forest's claim that "Hellboy" was the last comic book movie not based on Marvel or DC characters, "Hercules", starring "the Great One who sticks his shined boot up Jabronis' Candy Asses", is based on the Hercules Graphic Novels by Radical Comics. I actually really liked that movie.

Have you guys reviewed Dawn of the Dead or Day of the Dead yet?