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PODCAST 275: Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer & The Black Dahlia [True Crime Edition]

This week the Horror Duo take on a pair of films bases on true crime cases. Forest explores the strange and disturbing events surrounding Henry Lee Lucas & Ottis Toole with Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Cory visits 1940s Hollywood to try his hand at investigating the still unsolved murder and mutilation of Elizabeth Short with The Black Dahlia.

Forest also discusses how much he enjoyed Darren Aronofsky's Mother, even going as far as to award it the "Sex Pervert's Seal of Approval", Cory battled wave after wave of bees that inhabit his home, and they both question the validity of "Flat Earth" theorists. All this and a healthy dose of David Caruso.


★ ★ ★ ★ ½



★ ★ ★



  • 00:00 - Introduction & News
  • 29:40 - "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer"
  • 54:54 - Know Your Horror Trivia
  • 57:30 - "The Black Dahlia"
  • 89:55 - Comments & Conclusion


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Jesse Ventura said...

What no celebrity death on Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. You call yourselves wrestling fans. The entire time you were talking about the flat earth. I was thinking who gains from this theory. So then I started digging deeper then an Alabama tick. Does the Area 51 site need funding off the books of course. I looked into who owns stock in the globe industry. It turns out there are no stock options in the globe industry. So that was my first dead end or so I thought. Following the paper trail I got a name Dr. Reginald Jamieson. After numerous attempts of trying to contact him I got no response. Leading me to believe that I was getting to close and the government had silenced him. Without him it will be extremely hard to get the answers we need. What we do know is the government is probably behind it using its "globe" money to fund black site projects. Flat Earth is a real thing and the government has got you sheep buying into this sphere theory. Don't do it stop buying globes stop funding the machine. Someone is at my door I will be right back.

Blake Matthews said...

So, Forest said the word "rape" four times in his HENRY review and I heard no coin sound effect. You're dozing off on the job, Cory.

I learned about the Flat Earth Society when I took a Physical Geography class back in 2004.

Here's their site: https://theflatearthsociety.org/home/

Here's a site on how to debunk it: https://www.metabunk.org/debunked-the-flat-earth-theory-14-ways-the-flat-earth-theory-is-false.t7148/

A couple of years ago, I watched a true crime film from Hong Kong called UNTOLD STORY. It tells the story of a man arrested for the murder of the proprietor of a restaurant and his entire family. He's then tortured in diverse ways until he confesses to the murder, at which point we're treated to 15 of the most grueling minutes of my life watching films. I recommend it, but it's not people with queasy stomachs.

Anomalous Host said...

So Hugh Hefner died recently, age 91.

On a different note, you guys interested in...



... a package? Aka a gift/bribe?

I've been doing a revisiting of the 90s, and it's taking me longer than I thought just to get started, let alone making posts on my website on the subject. But during my research, I've stumbled across 2 largely unknown gems from that era. Unknown to the point where they don't even have a cult following, and each film deserves that recognition. So, I'll send you a package containing both films if you'll promise to review them.

If you review one other film that is also a film largely unknown that deserves a cult following (that I won't send because it's currently too difficult to get a hold of in a decent format), I'll send you both some bonus stuff in the package.

Oh, and I believe all 3 films are good, so I won't be sending any shitty films out of spite just because of that Combat Shock recommendation. No hard feelings about that. At least not until February...

So, whadoyousay?