HORROR, SCI-FI & MORE!: A Complete Documentary Guide

What you have before you is an ever growing list, curated by the Horror Duo of the Slaughter Film Podcast, compiling every horror and sci-fi documentary available. Some are recently crowd funded while others have nearly been lost to VHS.

While most focus on the horror and sci-fi genres in general, some zero in on a particular filmmaker or period of time when censorship got the better of those genres.

We may have overlooked certain "making of" featurettes produced and found only as supplemental material for the DVD/BLU release of those films. If you know of any OTHERS that are missing, please contact the Slaughter Film Podcast on social media, or send us an e-mail. Thanks!


This list was once made available here at Slaughter Film, but over the years it grew outdated and was not mobile friendly. This UPDATED list has been moved to it's new home on Slaughter Film's Letterboxd account. Thanks!


If you're interested in MORE info about these documentaries, reviews are available at Letterboxd, but also as part of Slaughter Film's annual Summer School series. Every week for one month in the summer the Horror Duo, and the occasional guest, write reviews of these documentaries, as well as related books that should be sought out by Filthy Animals who are ever eager to learn more!