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Rob Zombie is quite the renaissance man. First music, then film, a short stop off at animation and now comic books. His newest endeavor is Whatever Happened to Baron Von Shock?. Written by Rob Zombie and art by Donny Hadiwidjaja & Val Staples, issue 1 came out in late May. I just picked it up yesterday and read it this morning. At first I wasn't sure what to expect. With a name like "BARON VON SHOCK" I figured it would be lighthearted compared to the subject matter of his films.
In BARON VON SHOCK, Rob Zombie returns to comics with a dark dramedy describing the fantastic rise and spiraling decent of celebrity. Being in the right place at the right time isn't always a good thing, as Leon Stokes aka Baron Von Shock finds out first hand. His sudden rise to fame as a local television horror host meets with unexpected results. BARON VON SHOCK proves to be a roller coaster of emotion that only Rob Zombie can deliver.
I have to say, I kinda liked it. After the first couple of pages I started to wonder where it was going, but by the end I wanted issue 2 in my hands so I could see what happened next. It's nothing to take to seriously, but it's fun. If your at all interested in comics, check it out.