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WRITTEN REVIEW: Fright Rags T-Shirts

By Cory Carr
The other day I found myself admiring the wonderful Fright Rags t-shirt designs. They all have such great detail and brilliant colors. The graphics aren't generic skull N' bat crap that you'll find on your typical Walmart tee. Fright Rags incorporate classic horror films and icons such as: Maniac Cop, Carrie, The Howling, Wicker Man, the Frog Brothers from Lost Boys, and many MANY more. Fright Rags know their stuff, after all they are made BY horror fans FOR horror fans! Fright Rags sport all original artwork. No assembly line production, and no copy and pasting movie posters onto tees.

After I carefully looked over all that they had to offer, I found myself stuck making a choice between ZOMBIE vs SHARK and C.H.U.D.. I weighed my options and finally picked C.H.U.D.. Of myself and all my friends I think that I'm the only one who would put C.H.U.D. among our favorite horror movies, so I had to represent. There is just something so cool about their giant glowing eyes and that the C.H.U.D. cast makes up a good 1/2 of Home Alone.

The wait wasn't long for my order to be shipped and delivered, just a few days. I was so happy to came home and see the Fright Rags packaging sitting there on my stoop. The best part was that it fit perfect!

One little touch that I just loved was the label inside the collar. Not only was it made to look like a MPAA rating, but it was printed on. How amazing! Tags fucking suck, fuck tags!

I'm sure you'll see your friendly neighborhood horror film reviewers wearing Fright Rags stuff in the episodes come. LONG LIVE INDEPENDENT HORROR SWAG!