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This week Cory and Forest continue their adventure through the bowels of "found footage" film making as they review the anthology flick V/H/S/, which hits theaters this October.

V/H/S is a very new movie and this podcast is filled with spoilers. If you haven't yet seen it, and don't want to ruin your viewing experience, listen for the spoiler safe word, "PICKLE". Whenever you hear "PICKLE", quickly plug your ears. Also, don't forget to visit this years Eerie Horror Film Festival! Forest and Cory will be there, watchin' movies and drinkin' beer all week long.



★ ★ ½




Gex said...

V/H/S was so full of plot holes, it was ridiculous. First off, with the webcam short story, how the hell does that footage make it on a videotape? People don't do that with films they make on their laptops, they'd be lucky to get in on a disc instead of youtube or blip.

The biggest problem, though, is with the main story with the assholes who are watching these tapes getting killed off. How in the hell did all those tapes manage to end up in that place? I would've liked to have seen a tape that explained how all the tapes ended up in that house. Even then I doubt they could make it believable (for a movie with a gargoyle, killer lesbians, digital slender man, alienish freaks, and a demon possessed bitch).

Anyway, speaking of footage, is there a chance you guys will do a video review at some point, just for a special occasion or two?

Lastly, Oct. 25, Rifftrax: Birdemic in theaters!

Matthew Stewart said...

Great take on VHS as well as Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity the podcast before. A while back on Netflix I took a chance on a film called S&Man. It was interesting and kind of fits into the found footage/documentary horror craze. The basic idea is a guy following a guy who makes his own snuff films. I won't give too much away but it might be an interesting film to get your take on if you haven't seen it already. Not the best flick, but the concept is interesting, and pretty creepy.