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PODCAST 24: A Serbian Film & A Boy and His Dog

During Slaughter Film's longest podcast to date, Forest brings his "disgusting film" series to a close with A Serbian Film. Please note, A Serbian Film contains shockingly offensive content, and because of it, so will this podcast. Consider yourself warned, seriously. Cory shares his thoughts on the post-apocalyptic Harlan Ellison short story made film, A Boy and His Dog.

Keep an ear open for tales of Thanksgiving weekend woe involving roving packs of Black Friday shoppers. Make sure to check out John's breakfast-less restaurant rant, over at BigSushi.fm. All this with a healthy dose of psychic dogs, The RZA and did Rocky Balboa invent Bum Fights?

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★ ★ ½


★ ★ ★ ½




Gex said...

Good God that movie (Serbian Film) sounds fucked up. Gotta see that too now.

You know what would be a good horror flick? A slasher movie about a gay serial killer who rapes then kills his victims, all who are male. Does a movie like that exist, or is that the one sacred thing that hasn't been trampled on yet?

A Boy and His Dog. I never laughed so hard at a movie ending in my life the first time I watched that movie.

Anonymous said...

serbian movie is on youtube i must watch it now

also i watched salo cuz ur review i wanted 2 see it
and WTF is all i have 2 say that shit was more fukked up then human centipede


Anonymous said...

never mind they took it down

Kenneth Serenyi said...

Have any of you guys read the "A Boy and His Dog" short story yet? I kind of doubt that Harlen Ellison objected to the male chauvinism in the movie since the movie is actually toned down from the short story in that regard. The eating of the girl at the end is the same in both.

Slaughter Film said...

I haven't yet, but I would like to. - Cory