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GIVEAWAY: The Giving Thanks, Thanksgiving Giveaway!

It's been some time since Slaughter Film had a gave-away and with Thanksgiving around the corner, we can't think of a better time to reward our regular listeners, readers and viewers with some totally awesome stuff!!
1. A Dawn of the Dead movie poster, autographed by Ken Foree himself.
2. A Black Sunday movie poster designed by Erie's own Monster Mark.
3. A Return of the Living Dead movie poster also designed by Monster Mark.
4. A Zombie comic book grab bag including: Land of the Dead #1, When Zombies Attack! #1, Zombies vs Cheerleaders #1, Zombie #1 & 2. If we come across any other zombie comics between now and the time the drawing is held, we'll make sure to throw 'em into the mix.

TO ENTER - Drawing will occur the first week of December.
1. You MUST "like us" on Facebook.
2. You MUST leave us your name, as a comment below, so we can prove that you "like us" and can contact you if you win. Duh!



Matthew Stewart said...

Gooble gobble motherfuckers! Hope you had a murderous and nauseating Thanksgiving.