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PODCAST 25: The Brave Frog & Fire In The Sky [Kindertauma Edition]

This week Forest and Cory take a mental vacation from the "disgusting film" series of previous weeks, and discuss the things that terrified them as children but weren't horror related. This is the Kindertrauma Edition of Slaughter Film. Forest shares his memories of The Brave Frog and Cory recounts the night terrors brought on by Fire In The Sky.

Listen as we cover all thing that terrify children. We go from the book The Giving Tree and Sectaurs, to Transformers: The Movie and Akira.

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Sectaur Spider
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Gex said...

The movie that scarred me as a kid, The Beastmaster. Seeing Kodo the ferret get killed, that did it for me. And that Akira movie, when Tetsuo killed his girlfriend.

The Brave Frog? Jesus, that's a pretty depressing kids movie to watch for someone trying to recover from rapetastic flicks. Surprised you didn't mention the part where the crayfish is beating up the snail and says the line, "Here, see what I do to old people!" right before kicking her. Traumatizing to kids, hilarious to everyone else.

Fire in the Sky is awesome! So is The Dark Crystal!

December. Christmas. I know of a decent seasonal movie for you guys to check out. Santa's Slay. That's not a misspelling, it really is "slay". The movie is more of a comedy than a horror movie, but people still get killed. Also, who wouldn't want to see a movie where the plot is that Santa is the son of Satan?

Marc / Ujai321 said...

Hey guys, long time follower here.
The thing I remember traumatizing me as a kid was one episode of Dinosaurs, in which Robby (the son) would take anabolic steroids to beef up... the drugs completely changed him. He grew spikes (the steroids were called spikeballs or something) and he became just a mean dude. I think that is what turned me off drugs for most of my life.

Also, the episode with "A Serbian Film" depressed me quite a bit (especially after I read the ending on wikipedia); the only other thing that was even worse than finding out about that movie was finding out about an internet shock video called "Three guys, one hammer". Sick shit and really depressing.

Anyway, keep it up, I enjoy your podcasts (and videos, while you still made them) quite a bit.

Greetings from Germany