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PODCAST 44: Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem

This week Forest & Cory share their thoughts on Rob Zombie's latest feature film, Lords of Salem. Is it the best new horror flick or has Zombie lost his damn mind? Also the gang talk about Record Store Day and Forest's newly assembled Ed Wood film collection.

All this and will John ever return Cory's copy of Phantoms? We all know John loves Ben Affleck, but come-on already!



★ ★ ★

"Ov Fire and the Void" by Behemoth

"Quack Like a Duck"




Gex said...

Speaking of surreal Italian horror movies, I'm surprised you guys haven't reviewed a Lucio Fulci film by now. Take your pick: The Beyond, Zombi 2, Don't Torture a Duckling, City of the Living Dead. The ending will make you go "What the fuck just happened?" if you see the latter, though you might have the same reaction no matter which of those you watch.

It's a bad idea to watch City of the Living Dead without first watching The Beyond and Zombi 2 first.

Whatever you do though, don't review Cat in the Brain or House by the Cemetery, those 2 movies suck ass.

MJ said...

Hey Brosquitos,
I was listening to you review on some of the Anthology style horror movies and thought you might want to check these dudes out. http://vimeo.com/bloodycuts
They are doing a serries of 13 short horror stories that they are compiling into an anthology. My favorite so far is Dont Move. Keep up the handsome work gentlemen!