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PODCAST 61: Jaws: The Revenge & Antiviral

This week Forest brings his Jaws-a-thon to a conclusion with Jaws: The Revenge, and this time it's personal. Cory shares his thoughts on Antiviral, the first feature film of Brandon Cronenberg, son of film maker David Cronenberg.

The gang also chat about kung-fu flicks. Among them the nearly lost film Miami Connection, which is going to be Slaughter Film's next Netflix Movie Night. Cory poses the question, how can a movie with Chuck Norris be so boring?! If you have any kung-fu related recommendations, let us know.




★ ★ ★ ★

The original uncut Jaws: The Revenge ending.

Siskel & Ebert on Jaws: The Revenge




Samuel (Sensuel) Hudon said...

Since you guys were talking about Martial Arts/Kung Fu movies, I was wondering if you guys had seen the Indonesian movie The Raid: Redemption. If yes, I'd like to hear your thoughts on it. If not, I highly recommend it. It's on the Canadian Netflix so it might be on the American one.

Slaughter Film said...

I don't think either of us have seen it, but I've heard good things. I almost picked it up at my local movie rental the last time I was there. Yep, we still Rent movies where I'm from. lol I'll pick it up the next time I'm there. - Cory

Gex said...

The rape jar should be mandatory for your shows, especially if you're going to talk about I Spit on Your Grave. Speaking of which, I'm all for that idea of a sequel where aliens get the woman instead of guys. Hear me out. The first half of the movie would be disgusting Japanese fetish shit, but just imagine all the potential that could happen with the revenge-filled second half. What kind of weapons and tools could the girl get a hold of to just butcher these alien freaks? What kind of alien weapons?

Favorite martial arts films: Ong Bak 2 (Tony Jaa), Legend of Drunken Master (Jackie Chan), Fists of Fury (Bruce Lee).

Favorite semi-martial arts film: Tiger on the Beat (Chow Yun Fat). This movie is more of an action movie than a martial arts movie, but it does have some martial arts, and the most awesome final 10 minutes of film you're ever going to see in any movie ever. Let's just say there's a chainsaw fight that makes the one in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 look like a pillow fight by comparison. EXTREMELY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!