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PODCAST 63: Wicked City & Bio Hunter [Horror Anime Edition]

Forest & Cory dust off the ol' "Rape Jar" as they take a stroll into the world of horror anime. This week they review both Wicked City and Bio Hunter.

The gang also weigh in on The World's End, Lobor Day hijinks, PAX Prime and the new Syfy television show Joe Rogan Questions Everything. Also, is Forest a COMMIE?!

Don't forget that the next Netflix Movie Night is Friday, September 6th at midnight [eastern]. Watch the movie while Cory & Forest "Riff" the movie LIVE!



★ ★ ½


★ ★ ★

Joe Rogan Questions Everything




Lee said...

Good show. I remember first venturing into some of these more yucky anime films back in my late teens. My ex-girlfriend and I rented something (can't remember the title) that was just slightly more rape-intensive than "Wicked City" without really knowing what we were getting into. Ahh, the innocence of youth...forever warped by slimy tendrils screwing holes not meant to be screwed. Probably a good thing we didn't decide to pick "Legend of the Overfiend", which was our other possible choice at the time.

Gex said...

Rape Cit-, I mean Wicked City is one of those animes that pissed me off. I managed to withstand all the shit that happened up to the point where the old horny fuck pukes out the tentacle monster. Once that monster grabbed a hold of the woman, I knew what was coming, and stopped watching it right then and there. It made me sick and pissed off.

On another note, never saw Miami Connection until now, and that movie is hilarious. The scene where the black guy is reading the note about his dad and crying while he reads it is every bit as hilarious as you guys said it was.

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