PODCAST 66: Eerie Horror Film Fest Interview

This week Forests & Cory sit down with Greg Ropp & John Walkiewicz from the Eerie Horror Film Festival & Expo and discuss what to expect from the upcoming 2013 fest, also how it began and horror films in general.

The gang also discuss some of the more common misconceptions of the horror genre, how horror films can be cathartic & films that have been made in and around Erie, Pa.

Some of the main attractions of this years fest are the showing of such films as the "Cabal Cut" of Night Breed with director Russell Cherrington and actor Craig Sheffer & Scream Park, as well as celebrity guests Doug Bradley [Hellraiser], C. Thomas Howell [Red Dawn & The Outsiders], Eric Roberts [The Dark Knight & The Cable Guy], director and special effects legend John Carl Buechler [Friday the 13th VII], various zombies from Dawn of the Dead.

This is going to be a ton of fun, so be there!


Forest & Cory in the 2008 Eerie Horror Film Fest commercial.