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PODCAST 68: The Running Man & Rollerball [Futuristic Gladiator Edition]

This week Forest & Cory are totally hungover as they take a look at two futuristic gladiator films. Forest exorcises his Schwarzenegger impersonation as he reviews The Running Man and Cory covers the original Rollerball, starring James Caan.

The gang also chat about Doctor Sleep, Stephen King's sequel to The Shining, and American Gladiators.



★ ★ ★


★ ★ ★




Kenneth Serenyi said...

I'm having trouble downloading this episode - I believe the link may be broken. I can just stream it instead. Thanks guys!

Slaughter Film said...

The problem has been corrected. Thank you for pointing this out.
- Cory

Gex said...

There was one part of the Running Man you missed that I thought was hilarious. Arnold running towards the guy who shoots lightning, and shouting, "Hey lighthead! Hey Christmas tree!" I honestly never thought I'd see a movie where someone was called that.

Dudes, MXC is way better than Wipeout will ever be. If you haven't seen that show, this clip is all you'll need for proof:

Cory, you might want to give Rollerball a 2nd watch. There's more going on in that movie message-wise between the sport scenes than you think. And Jonathan didn't kill the last guy at the end.

Speaking of Battle Royale, there is a movie that's not very well known (and not that great either) called Deadlocked: Escape from Zone 14, which did the whole exploding neck collar long before Battle Royale came into the scene.

And the Netflix movie recommendation I have in mind shares some similarities with Battle Royale.

John Walkiewicz said...

Running Man had special appearances by Deweezil Zappa & Mick Fleetwood has the resistance leaders.
Deadlocked: Escape from Zone 14 is a remake of Wedlock aka Deadlock starring Rutger Hauer & Mimi Rogers.

Matthew Stewart said...

Running Man has always been one of my favorite Arnold movies. Sure it's dumb, but it's the best type of dumb and you probably wouldn't have gotten Smash TV without it. The only thing I want to know is where can I kind the Captain Freedom Workout Program.

Since you guys are on a futuristic kick I'd like to know your feelings on "Fortress" with Chris Lambert.

Gex said...

@John Walkiewicz

I still need to see that movie Deadlock. I'm willing to watch just about anything Rutger Hauer is in. So far I think his best movie (that he's the main star of) is Split Second, though I do still need to see some of his other films (Escape From Sobibor, Wanted: Dead or Alive, The Mill & The Cross, Beyond Justice, The Blood of Heroes, and The Osterman Weekend.

Split Second could be a decent film to recommend to Slaughterfilm, maybe, if they did some Rutger Hauer week or something.