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PODCAST 69: Apollo 18 & Don't Go to the Reunion

This week Forest and Cory are still hungover as they share their thought on a grab bag of films including Apollo 18 and why Forest hates it, and Slasher Studio's Don't Go to the Reunion.

This weeks podcast is a short one in preparation for this years Eerie Horror Film Festival. It's a busy time for us so please be patient. Once the October rush is over we would like to finally get to work on some other long awaited projects of ours; new videos or movie commentaries perhaps? A second podcast for sure, so stay tuned!



★ ½


★ ★ ★




Kenneth Serenyi said...

"69 Dudes!" -Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Slaughter Film said...

Obviously, we here at Slaughter Film are too high class to even consider mentioning the mutual and simultaneous use of oral sex as a means of inducing erotic pleasure...

Nah, I'm just joshin' ya! I don't know how we neglected to mention it, and now we have to wait 'till podcast #169 before we'll have a chance to make up for it. - Cory

Gex said...

I also saw Apollo 18, with somewhat low expectations. I didn't find the movie to be boring, but I did find it dumb. The jump scares were a little annoying (especially the "Boo!" one), but the main thing that irritated me were the rock spiders. How in the hell do they survive on a planet like that without living organisms to feed on?

Tired of "found footage" films? There's only 1 other one I can recommend that I found to be decent, with 1 pretty good jump scare, which I mentioned earlier. The Bay.

Dude! 69!

Lee said...

Uh, "Apollo 18" had potential, but they blew it out the airlock. "Frankensteins Army" is a recent found footage film that's not too bad. Really fucking cool Nazi Zombies at least.

Slaughter Film said...

Yes "The Bay" is on my to watch list, same as "Frankenstein's Army". Frank's Army I've been following for years and I'm happy to see that it is finally complete. - Cory