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PODCAST 71: Halloween 4 & Halloween 5 [Michael Myers Edition]

In celebration of Halloween, Forest & Cory discuss the next two films in the Halloween franchise, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers.

Forest and Cory also touch on The Descent, as they tease next week's podcast, and men in U-Haul trucks suckin' dicks!



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Gex said...

I was hoping you guys would review these movies.

After seeing the ending of Halloween 4, after seeing the girl in the clown mask, I had to respond to this with, "Well that's just silly."

Good God, what the hell was up with all the cop killing in those movies?

The Crow is a decent movie to watch the day before Halloween, since it takes place on the 30th. But there is plenty of unused footage from the film that should've been put into it. There are a couple people who have put together an unofficial director's cut of the film that throws in a lot of that unused footage. Some of the footage can be found in the Deleted Scenes on the DVD/Blu-Ray, but others are more difficult to find. Personally, I think the movie is better because of these scenes. Some of the added footage isn't exactly in great quality, because these guys don't have the original prints or anything like that, but it's a good start for showing how the film can be improved. Here's a link if you're interested:


Lee said...

Man, never mind not celebrating Halloween in Haddonfield, how about not being a cop in that town? I mean, they can't exactly gloss over the fact that the entire force has pretty much been wiped out twice over in the last twenty years, and not just by Myers but by crazy cultist fuckers with guns. and you can't exactly gloss over the fact that if you're Sheriff you're most likely going to see your slutty daughter get killed as well. There must be one hell of a great pay scale, or at least some awesome danger pay to work for that department.

Anonymous said...

Danielle Harris wore the her costume from the movie to go Trick or Treating that year.
John Walkiewicz

Kenneth Serenyi said...

Thanks for your reviews of these two movies. I was able to watch them at 4x speed and not miss anything important.

Kenneth Serenyi said...

Trivia: The MPAA was really cracking down on slasher films in the late 80's so that's why the gore and nudity had to be toned down in these movies. H2O is a reboot and acts like Halloween 4-6 never happened. That is why Jamie Lee Curtis can be back when her character was dead in 4.