PODCAST 83: Altered States & When a Stranger Calls [Seven Years Later Edition]

This week Forest & Cory take on a pair of classics. Forest discusses Ken Russell's cinematic trip-out, Altered States. Cory asks which came first, the horror movie chicken or the urban legend egg while reviewing the original When a Stranger Calls.

The gang also cover Spike Jones' Her, Net Neutrality, terrorists & gays in Russia, Obama got high & the Super Bowl. All this and John gets stupid drunk.

Cory recently shared his Net Neutrality thoughts on Facebook:
"Well "Net Neutrality" is dead. In theory it shouldn't matter. Living in a free market, if one service provider is giving an indie website, like say Slaughter Film, the short end of the stick, the consumer has the option to shop around.

But I'm sure that's just wishful thinking. After all we're dealing with god-sized corporations who aren't known for displaying restraint where a nickel can be made. Not to mention the potential of squashing any start up competition, criticism or unique view point that disagrees, combats or exposes these corporations. We can only wait and see.

Allow me to make a suggestion. If things get as bad or worse than many people forecast, then burn the fucker down! If the American internet stops breathing, so does the vast majority of the worlds economy. Not to mention, freedom of speech. One of the founding principles of the United States, and perhaps the most important, will be greatly diminished. It would be an injustice to us all and is certainly worth defending. Just a thought."



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What is Net Neutrality & the outcome of it's death?