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PODCAST 85: Foxy Brown & Chained Heat [Tough Love Edition]

This week the Forest & Cory share their thoughts on two films featuring bad-ass leading ladies in celebration of Valentines Day. Forest gushed over Pam Grier in Foxy Brown while Cory is titillated by Linda Blair in the women in prison flick, Chained Heat.

The gang also discuss how Slaughter Film isn't legally allowed to say the words "Super Bowl", but they do it anyway. And CM Punk quits the WWE shortly after this years Royal Rumble, which was just more of the same old hat. All this and Orange is the New Black featuring "Hot Donna's boobs!".



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Boom mic glory.




Kenneth Serenyi said...

I believe I recommended "Chained Heat" as a Linda Blair boobs sequel to your "Savage Streets" review. Oh well, the sequel is rarely as good as the first movie.

Gex said...

When I started watching that trailer for Zombeavers, my first thought was that this can't be real. But it is, to my surprise. The movie looks stupid, but I want to see it.

Found a video that really shows how many dumb cunts there are in colleges these days. It's stuff like this that makes me (only) slightly consider restrict voting to smarter people. I eventually take back any of that consideration, but still...

By dumb cunts I mean asshole idiots in general. You know, like how Jim Jeffries and other Australians and British folk curse. Doesn't have as much appreciation in the U.S. as it should.

Slaughter Film said...

I love when people ask folks on the street important questions, and they have NO IDEA what the hell they are talking about. One of my favorites is when people are asked to sign a petition to end women's suffrage. The word "suffrage" is a word that sounds negative so people sign the thing, thinking they are helping. lol Jay Leno did alot of great stuff like this. - Cory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9rhPBmSooM