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GODZILLA PREDICTIONS: The Whos, Whats & Wheres of Godzilla 2014

Since the trailers for the new Godzilla movie hit Youtube, fans have been out of their minds with excitement and wonder. But these trailers have left us all with questions. I have watched these trailers frame by frame and here is my interpretation of them and my predictions for Godzilla.


We first saw the teaser trailer back in December of 2013 on Youtube. The duration of the two minute and twenty second video illustrated the response of the U.S. military to the sudden wake of destruction left by what we all assumed was Godzilla. During that two minutes and twenty seconds very little, if any, plot or story were given away. The military were teaming up with scientists, I assume, to take on the Herculean task of stopping the monster. Not even Godzilla was seen until the last few seconds of the teaser, who was concealed in smokey rubble as he let out his trademark roar.

The Godzilla teaser from December of 2013.

And that was it. We sat patiently in awe for months, wondering what else would happen. Perhaps another reboot following in the footsteps of Godzilla 1985, Godzilla 2000 & the American Godzilla film from 1998. OR would it be a direct sequel to one of the more recent films. This time Godzilla ventured away from Japan and toward the United States.

And naturally, other questions followed; "Are there going to be other monsters in it?", "Which monsters?", "Is another American film going to ruin Godzilla again like it was ruined with the '98 film?", "How is the military going to stop Godzilla? That never works in the Japanese movies." and so on... Until the next trailer got released in February, causing us all to ask even MORE questions. Questions like; "Did you see that?", "What was that thing?", "Is Mothra/Gigan gonna be in this?".

The first "Official Main Trailer", whatever that means.

This time around we are shown more of the same military guys and scientists doing stuff. It implies that there is some sort of cover-up & it is explained that in 1954 "it", Godzilla, awoke causing the United States, or Japan, or both to crap their pants. Nuclear tests conducted in the Pacific weren't tests at all but an attack on "it", attempting to kill "it". There are also quick glimpses of Godzilla or other monsters, but no answer to the question "which monster/s will Godzilla fight?". Oh, and this film stars Bryan Cranston -Breaking Bad, Aaron Taylor-Johnson -Kick-Ass, Elizabeth Olsen -Old Boy & Ken Watanabe -Last Samurai, The.

The third and most recent trailer was released in late April of 2014. And this is the trailer that offered up the most information about the film while still not answering and questions.

The "Asia Trailer".

So, now that we are all up to date, I would just like to share a bit of information about the Godzilla production before we begin. I feel that there are some things to consider first.
A. After Legendary Pictures acquired the rights to Godzilla from Toho, they hesitated before moving ahead with production. This was perhaps because they didn't want to saturate the market with giant monster movies, as they were also behind Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim, and didn't want them competing. Or there was fear that an American Godzilla reboot wouldn't go over so well after the '98 attempt, so they used Pacific Rim as a way to test the waters before moving ahead.

If Pacific Rim was a flop, the company could have distanced themselves from it, learned from it's mistakes and taken Godzilla in a different direction. However, I'm not sure if Hollywood would be quite that smart. They seem to do whatever they want, when they want, regardless. So who knows.

B. It hasn't been expressed directly that any of the rights to other Toho monsters have also been acquired. Perhaps there aren't any other classic Godzilla foes in this new film.

Keep this in mind while we analyze the trailers. There may just be similar looking monsters or "easter eggs" thrown in for diehard fans to keep an eye open for.


What I can ascertain from IMDB is that Bryan Cranston's character, Joe Brody, is the father of Ford and Elle, Aaron Taylor-Johnson & Elizabeth Olsen [Ford & Elle may be husband & wife rather than siblings]. Joe Brody is the protagonist who has some dealings with nuclear energy. Since Godzilla was originally created by the Atomic Bomb, and in the second trailer we learn that they tried to kill Godzilla with "the bomb", perhaps Brody is a researcher of the nuclear effects of atomic bombs dropped in the Pacific. OR, because this film takes place on the west coast near Nevada, San Fransisco and we might even see N.O.R.A.D. in Colorado [or Area 51], he may work for the government/military or at a nuclear power plant.

When things go wrong, Brody's superiors pass it off as some sort of a natural disaster. Brody sees through their story and presses the subject. This much is clear from the trailers. Assuming the accident is caused by monsters other than Godzilla, I'm willing to bet that after the attack on Godzilla in the '50s, the United States government attempted to create monsters of their own to use as weapons. This has been done in Godzilla films in the past, but what wild concept hasn't been already done in a Godzilla film?

These new monsters break free and run a muck. When conventional weapons are ineffective, the powers that be return to the original monster, Godzilla, for help. How this is achieved is beyond me. I don't think anyone has ever built a "'zilla-signal", or had the forethought to give him a cellphone.


It looks like part of the initial attack/disaster has something to do with Russia. In the still above you can see Russian writing on some sort of metal device that also sports the classic nuclear logo. If you look to the top right hand corner you will see that this metal, whatever it is, has been torn into. This makes me wonder;
A. Maybe the monsters in this film are feeding on nuclear material and have broken into an old Soviet weapons stock pile. Similar things have happened in past Godzilla movies, as has an underlying anti-nuke/anti-Cold War message been presented in Godzilla 1985.

B. Russia has had several disasters in it's history -- Chernobyl and the Tunguska meteor impact. Maybe these events aren't quite what they seem? Perhaps Russia has had Kaiju encounters in the past. Maybe they have even created their own Kaiju to compete with the United States during the Cold War arms race and the above image is from some past event.


In the second trailer, a group of people in hazmat suits can be seen exploring an underground cavern that contains a kaiju skeleton.

This might by the corpse of the monster that was bombed in the '50s, but we all know you can't kill Godzilla. So it must be the skeleton of another monster. An older monster. Some relation of Cthulhu? I think this offers up the idea that Godzilla is one of Earths natural creatures.

Don't forget Ken Watanabe as Ichiro Serizawa. We can hear him in the trailers explaining the '50s attack on Godzilla. His character also can be heard saying, "Nature has an order. A power to restore balance". This offers up the idea that Godzilla is the protector of the Earth and only gets involved when the planet is threatened by unnatural forces. This might also explain why he makes an appearance in the post-WW2 Pacific. The bombs have dropped and they awoke the monster. Now in present day, a similar thing has happened with the newly created monsters.

This idea that nature will fix the problems man has created if we just don't stick our noses into it's business seems like it may be a nod to Eastern philosophy and Japanese culture. As if the writer was using the script to say, "I respect you and what you are about. I will take your time honored Godzilla character and treat him with the same love that you have for all these years." and infusing that script with "balance". Or maybe I've been sitting in front of my computer writing this too long and my monitor is giving me a brain tumor.


I personally think the monsters in this film will be nameless. They might look enough like the classic foes of Godzilla, but they won't be. For starters, I don't think Legendary Pictures acquired the rights to other monsters, and secondly, I feel having them resemble other monsters is fine for the time being. They can always be developed in a sequel, if there is one.

Besides, Godzilla can always stand to have a few more monsters to battle. There isn't a shortage of monsters, but we as fans sure love 'em don't we?

Mothra Twins?

This I believe is nothing more than an easter egg. Just something fun for the fans to be on the look out for. There hasn't been any other Mothra reference, at least that I noticed, so I don't think we'll be seeing her. But I could be wrong. I wouldn't have even caught this if it weren't for the internet.

Okay, so the above and below images could be either Rodan, or Gyaos. They both could fly and were colored red. In my opinion these may both be Gyaos. The reason I say this is the monsters flat, triangular looking head. I could be wrong. Maybe it's Rodan "re-imagined" slightly, but I'd put my money on Gyaos.

Rodan, like many of these monsters, has been both an enemy and hero, but to my knowledge Gyaos has always been an enemy of Gamera. This is another reason I think Gyaos is seen in the "Asian Trailer". He's a bad dude!

And finally we have this guy, who I originally thought was Gigan, but I have since determined that it is 100% not Gigan, unless he has also been "re-imagined".

The above image was in the second trailer and I thought the strange claw-thingy was one of Gigan's metallic hands. But now I understand it to be one of the feet of the quadruped monster seen below, who made an appearance in the "Asian Trailer". He doesn't look like any classic monster that I recognize and he may have been invented for this film.

There was further proof that this isn't Gigan. Bandai has released promotional images of their Godzilla toy-line, and among them was this...

There was also some conceptual art done for the film that may give some insight into the monster above and perhaps another monster that hasn't yet been shown. You can find more of this art here.

I don't know what the hell this is.

In conclusion I would like to make one final prediction, if I can fairly call these predictions. This movie is going to be fucking AWESOME! The monsters look HUGE, the CGI is good, and doing all this stupid research was fun. I'm curious to hear what you have to say about the new Godzilla movie, which will be released May 16th! I can't wait to see it!