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The "Battle of the Decades" has reached it's FINAL ROUND! The '90s are no more. There can be only one, Aliens or Predator. Cast your votes below!




Anonymous said...


John Walkiewicz

Jos said...


Forest Taylor said...


I thought about this for a while and I think that this contest has proved that Aliens is my favorite action movie of all time. I looked at all the other films in the competition and I think that Aliens would win against all of them.

Gex said...


There was a time in my early college days where I was the one who carried a television set with my PS2 into the cafeteria where me and my friends grouped together to play games and watch movies. Predator and Aliens were among those movies that we watched. We could quote both movies practically word for word, and enjoy each movie so much that we would watch them 2 times in a row, back to back, on the same day, which we did.

Predator has great iconic moments and quotable lines, like the Predator vision (which is a bit dated compared to how it was used later on), "You're one ugly motherfucker," great action set pieces, against the people and the predator, the predator's technology, and shooting up the forest.

Aliens needs to be watched in the extended cut to truly appreciate its awesomeness. The tense dark atmosphere, the iconic motion sensors, the serious moments, the laugh out loud moments with Paxton, the fact that this movie made Paxton's character awesome and quotable, even when he was acting like a wuss, "Game over man!"; an awesome female lead, awesome looking creatures that don't look all that dated, great build-up, the Queen alien, the final fight on the ship, and other things. This movie is sci-fi perfection.

Not to mention the other moments. Aside from the action, it has other things going on. Ripley trying to get over her fears, have a chance to start over with another family after conquering her fears internally and externally (if you don't count Alien 3 which fucked things up). Learning to build trust back up after everything (accepting the Android). It's a movie about recovering from an emotionally scarring incident at it's core.

Predator is more about hunter becoming the hunted.

Predator is a fun romp. Aliens is a great movie, the fact that it's also a fun romp is a bonus.

P.S. I made a pretty good alternate ending to predator if you guys are interested. I can't upload it to youtube because they'll just take it down again. I could send a video file if you're interested.

-- Gex

Eric Earl said...


Kenny said...

ALIENS (Game Over Dutch, Game Over!)

- Kenny

Slaughter Film said...


I think any argument for either of these movies is totally valid. I think this is going to boil down to personal preference. After reading GEX's explanation, I have to agree that, yes, Aliens meets all the action movie requirement in addition to being atmospheric suspenseful.

However, comparing these films over the past month there were a handful of things that I kept looking for. A. Machismo/Physique & General Bad-add-itude B. Fire power C. One-liners/Misogynistic humor, and D. The thinly veiled gay love story.

Aliens has tough guys, but their physiques are lacking compared to those found in Predator. Aliens has fire power, but while the space marines are hiding, their automated guns do all the dirty work. Meanwhile Dutch and friends are mowing down trees with mini-guns. Aliens has one-liners, but how can they compare to "Sexual Ty-ranisaur" and "I ain't got time to bleed", which is so BAD ASS it defies logic! Finally we have "THE GAY". At the beginning of Predator, Dutch and Dillon, old friends who reunite for the first time in years, shake hands with EVERY MUSCLE IN THEIR ENTIRE BODIES! Why is that gay? Well, it's not. But I know for a fact that at the very moment of their handshake, if the camera were to pan down to their crotch we would all see the rock hard erections of Arnold Schwarzenegger & Carl Weathers locked in a death grip of epic proportions! Covered in veins, muscles straining and visceral. Just picture them. They would look the same as their arms, with penis heads instead of hands. 100% gay... http://youtu.be/VgPwXlTRuHs

Aside from that, I actually take points away from Aliens for being so good, if you can imagine that. The suspenseful atmosphere leans the sci-fi elements of the movie more into the horror direction, like Alien itself. As a fan of the film I like Aliens for this, but Predator is Action from start to finish. This isn't terrible important but when there can only be one "Best Action Movie" of the '80s and '90s, everything must be considered.

I know, I know, I expect hate mail...
- Cory Carr

Kenny said...

No hate Cory and I see your point, but I wanted to play devil's advocate. All of the movies selected for these brackets met some established criteria and were all determined to be 'Action' movies. So yeah, it depends on your interpretation of what makes it the 'Best'. Is your decision based on the varying degrees of action within the movie, or on the overall quality of the action movie? I love Predator and it is everything that a classic action movie should be, but in my opinion Aliens went above and beyond that. I won't bother breaking down the whole movie, but Aliens was an intense f'n experience.

- Kenny (This comment does not count as a vote, I already voted.)

Harvey said...

I vote Predator.

James Cameron is already the King of the World, the King of the Deep Sea, and even the King of Pandora. He shouldn't be the King of Slaughter Film, too.

To add to the above debate between Cory and Kenny, both movies exhibit elements of horror mixed into the action. Let's face it -- after the initial military base siege, Predator is more like a typical slasher horror film than Aliens. Each member of the team is mysteriously and systematically isolated and slaughtered one at a time by an unknown force that causes fear and panic within the larger group. Aliens does the same thing but with a little more exposition and subtlety before the big action-packed reveal.

Subtlety isn't a bad thing. But we're talking best action, here. There's no room for subtlety in this discussion.

I think it's easy to vote for Aliens as the best action movie because we've already put our faith in the main protagonist Ripley. Ripley gets the advantage of having an entire first movie to develop her character. If you watch Aliens without seeing the first one, a whole lot of the movie wouldn't make as much sense at the beginning.

Looking at both as standalone action films, that's why Predator has to take the cake over Aliens for me. Even if you agree that Aliens is a better overall film (which I do), Predator is just a more solid ACTION film from start to finish.

Also I vote against Forest because he voted against THEY LIVE every round of the competition. I VOTE FOR WHICHEVER REASONS I CHOOSE BECAUSE DEMOCRACY.

randall harris said...

Ohhh Man! Im gonna have to go with Predator. Only because I have experienced a funny, life changing moment with this movie. I moment that I will hold on to till my last breath. ^_^

DR. BORK said...



m said...


That was a hard choice to make.

Michelle Walker said...

m is me Mattie.
Sorry hit enter before putting my name in.

Slaughter Film said...

Aliens - Donald aka "our Scottish friend"

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Forest Taylor said...

The voting has now been closed! Thank you to everyone who voted.