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PODCAST 98: Deathstalker & Netherworld [The Low-Rent Edition]

This week Forest & Cory treat their brains to a few low-rent features before their minds get blown by Godzilla, which hits theaters in a few weeks. Forest travels back to the past and stalks the Deathstalker, while Cory travels faraway to Full Moon's Netherworld.

The gang also chat about the death of Bob Hoskins, Free Comic Book Day, Halloween 3D, a new Friday the 13th television show, Captain America: Winter Soldier, & animated foreign films... May the 4th be with you!



★ ½


★ ★

Paul, VHS Collector, on Charles Band's "Wizard" big box releases. PART 2




Gex said...

Well I, for one, enjoyed Deathstalker. I enjoyed the corniness, the fact that it took itself seriously when it's impossible to take the film seriously, and the fact that it probably has the most amount of nudity ever put into a sword and sorcery film without being considered a porno. Plus I find sexism in the 80s hilarious. Also, I thought the music was too good for that movie. Personally, I have a hard time believing that you didn't enjoy it considering how much you and the others were cracking up just talking about it.

But as for Barbarian Queen, Forest, I'm begging you, don't watch it. There are 2 other sword & sandal & sorcery movies out there that are better than that film. If you don't want to review the Conan movies, then there's The Beastmaster. If you still want something low budget, there's The Sword and the Sorcerer.

I need to check Netherworld out.

Kenny Teeology said...

Judging from the description alone, "Deathstalker" sounds like it was also influenced by "Enter the Dragon". (With just a few characters switched around of course).

Kenny Teeology said...

I would recommend 1984's "The Warrior and the Sorceress". starring David Carradine, directed by John Broderick, and story by Akira Kurosawa.