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PODCAST 115: Kill List & The Taint [The Surprise Edition]

This week Forest and Cory review a couple of surprising titles. Forest covers another Netflix hidden gem Kill List, about hit-men and a cult. Cory scratches his taint while watching The Taint.

An uneventful week resulted in a rather short podcast. The Horror Duo discuss viewing Only Lovers Left Alive at the Erie Art Museum. They also chat about birthday hi-jinx, blood drinking and a local Purge. Could it be that there was a real life purge in a sleep North Eastern town? Were Forest and Cory able to survive? The answer to these questions may surprise you.



★ ★ ★ ★


★ ★ ★ ½




Gex said...

Well damnit, now I have to stop listening to this and go watch Kill List. I'll be right back...

I'm back. The movie was kinda predictable. About 20 minutes in, when that scene came up with the dad doing a play sword fight with his wife and kid, I knew how it was going to end. Other than that, movie was just ok.

Hey Cory, while you're playing old Nintendo games, I've been playing The Witcher (1 & 2). God those games are long. Like 30+ hours long, each. Long, but awesome. If you like old PC games, and you don't feel like pirating games (which I, personally, only do if that's the only way to get the game without paying a ridiculous amount for it, or if it's impossible to get a hold of it otherwise), there's a pretty good site for that stuff. www.gog.com. GOG = Good Old Games

Speaking of games, I have only beat the 1st Wing Commander, currently playing the 2nd one (I finished both Witcher games), already own III and IV. 2nd one is way better than the 1st one.

And come on Forest, you got the blood bottle and you didn't think of getting a Bloody Mary, or a Bloody Tampon? If anything you could've made your own drink by looking up a recipe online, like here: