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PODCAST 116: Cheap Thrills & Trick Or Treat

This week Forest shares his thoughts on the "squicky" indie film, Cheap Thrills. Cory reviews a film that is very near and dear to his heart, Trick Or Treat with Gene Simmons & Ozzy Osbourne. A film that speaks to the heavy metal adolescent inside everyone.

The Duo discuss screening several hundred films for this years Eerie Horror Film Festival and how it's slowly turning them into zombies. Also, the "Fappening" is upon us! Repent! Repent! Save yourselves -- the "Second Cumming" is nearly here... Yes, they talk about Jennifer Lawrence's breasts.



★ ★ ½


★ ★ ★




Matthew Stewart said...

Cheap Thrills reminds me a lot of 13 Sins, another film that came out this year as well, only in that one you get Ron Perlman, and you can't go wrong with that.

Other than that, I got nothing. Excellent podcast as usual.

Gex said...

Forest, you're doing VHS film reviews? I got a couple for you, just in case they're not on your list. First my story behind getting one of them (skip the next paragraph if you're not interested in that).

I had been searching for this movie for a while. I remember watching it with the family on the Disney Channel as a kid. We all enjoyed it enough to consider it a family classic. It's never been on DVD, and it wasn't readily available online either. Hell, I even went so far as to search torrent sites for it, and I still couldn't find it. So I decided to bite the bullet and get a VHS copy off of ebay. After that, I transferred it from VHS to digital format and uploaded it to YouTube. Yes, yours truly brought this film to the Web.

Anyway, you'll like this film. It's a kid flick, and it has Burt Reynolds and Ryan Gosling in it, from 1998. Frankenstein & Me. It's actually a decent movie, and deserves a DVD release.

Only other movie I know of that doesn't have a DVD version in any way, shape, or form, and could be considered "reviewable" by Slaughterfilm's standards, is Death of a Soldier. Pretty sure you remember me mentioning that one. It's also uploaded to YouTube by yours truly.

Kayden Ryan said...

Keep up the great work, loving the podcast!
The tagline is from Black Christmas(1974)

Matt from MN said...

Your review of TRICK OR TREAT reminded me of two childhood movies: Wes Craven's SHOCKER (1989) and STAY TUNED (1992) starring John Ritter. I recommend checking them out, especially STAY TUNED. It's a great send-up of TV shows and is creatively funny.