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PODCAST 117: Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

This week Forest & Cory share their appreciation and admiration for James Rolfe as they review Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. Along with it comes a brief video game history lesson as well as tales of their childhood gaming.

The Horror Duo also discuss being film judges for the Eerie Horror Film Festival & Expo. The totals are in and the films have been selected. Check out their official website for the scheduled, celebrity guests and buy weekend passes!

All this and will Denzel Washington be the next 007?!



★ ★ ★ ½




Gex said...

I need to see that movie.

You guys just fired up my inner child geek. 90s gaming between Nintendo and Sega were the best years in gaming ever. To this day, I still believe that was when games were in their prime. Graphics were finally good enough so you didn't have to use too much of your imagination, and gameplay was slick, punishing, and rewarding. PC games were kicking as much as as the consoles too. Aside from Run & Gun and puzzle games, RPGs were also in their prime, on console and PC. Those were the games that I firmly believe set the standard for everything that came in the years following.

I had an Atari when I was really young, and I only played it a couple times. Not sure what happened to it, I think my mother threw it in the trash or something (she didn't know a valuable item when we owned one). I grew up on Sega, my favorite game as a kid was Sonic 3 & Knuckles (the version where the cartridges locked together, which was the most awesome idea in the world that was never used again; it had such potential, even for today's games that get expansions, imagine building a tower of stacking cartridges for some ulta mega game).

Super Nintendo was probably the better system, with the more popular game titles compared to Sega, but Sega still had Sonic, Comix Zone, the best games based on movies, some very underrated RPGs, and Contra Hard Corps, the greatest Contra game ever made to this day.

What's that? Mention me but not my comment? Well, guess now is as good a time to call you what you keep asking listeners to call you at the end of every podcast. Assholes.

No, I'm not finished yet:

Now I'm done.

Anyway, you've got package incoming.

Matthew Stewart said...

I purposely skipped your review of AVGN The Movie as to not be spoiled, but I'm pretty sure the trailer is pretty much on the money.

A few things, it's great to hear you guys reminiscence about the old days of gaming. I grew up an NES kid and only recently I started re-collecting for the NES my mom passed down to me a few months ago.

Two, while I like AVGN, it can be a bit much for me sometimes. Maybe it hits too close to home when I used to throw controllers and cry when I ran out of continues.

Finally, as the AVGN has given you guys years of entertainment, may I say the same for you guys. Slaughterfilm has brought me hours of entertainment, from your reviews of Billy the Kid vs. Dracula, to your weekly podcast, and to be honest if it wasn't for Slaughterfilm I probably wouldn't have had any interest in helping to start Simplistic Reviews. So, thanks for that.

And as always, keep up the good work.

Matt from MN said...

When you mentioned Jon Mikl Thor, I had to recommend his movie ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE. It features Adam West and Tia Carrere, and was covered by MST3K.

Podcast movies may be the new big thing; yours could be next. I imagine THE SLAUGHTER FILM MOVIE involving you guys taking a road trip to rescue John for some reason. Along the way there's hijinks involving wrestling and kayaking. Special appearance by Brock Lesnar.

jos said...

Brilliant review, even though I missed the movie. I will have to see it soon.

Gex said...

@Matthew Stewart: Yeah, I have some anger issues too when it comes to gaming. So far I count 2 controllers broken (broke 1 because the joystick was already a little messed up and some of the buttons were sticking, so it was asking for it), and 1 broken game case (Alone in the Dark Inferno, but I used a lighter to melt the plastic back together, and I'd say the case looked thematically better for it).

@Matt from MN: I would so watch that movie.