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PODCAST 131: Pulgasari & Black Christmas [Christmas Eve Edition]

This week Cory keeps things festive with Black Christmas, while Forest challenges Kim Jong Un with his politically charged rant about North Korea and the late, great, Kim Jon Il's Godzilla sized monster movie, Pulgasari.

The gang also have a discussion about Sony's decision to pull the plug on distribution of The Interview. They talk about how it was a mistake and what may happen as a result. Also, Santa Conquers the Martians. All this and there is some serious Slaughter Film gift giving. Merry Christmas!



★ ★


★ ★ ★ ½

The TRUE North Korea.

Penn & Teller always know how to say it best.

Before "The Interview", there were The Three Stooges.

One of the greatest speeches ever.




Gex said...

Another episode that was a perfect opportunity for the Team America music. Speaking of which, this is also a perfect situation for the dicks, pussies, and assholes analogy. Us filmgoers and critics are reckless arrogant stupid hypocritical dicks. Sometimes the movie theaters and film distributors are pussies. The U.S. government, hackers and Kim Jon-Un are assholes. Pussies may claim to love filmgoers, but they really only love their money and couldn't give two flying fucks about the dicks. Pussies may think they can handle assholes, but the only thing that can handle and fuck an asshole is a dick. Filmgoers need to fuck both pussies and assholes every now and again, or else the pussies will increase in number and mock the dicks, and the assholes will shit all over everything. But us dicks can't fuck too much or too hard, or those pussies and assholes will grow too large for dicks to handle.

With that said, I saw The Interview (legally), and thought it was just ok. Nothing worth all the controversy and bullshit that surrounds it. Kinda hoping you guys do a review on it.

And one last thing, it may not have been the Koreans who did the cyber attack. It may have just been some disgruntled ex-Sony employees who got laid off.

PS: I know you guys have a thing for having listeners call you assholes, but I guess I screwed that up with the above analogy. Dicks.