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PODCAST 133: Lady Terminator & Stigmata [Afflicted FemaleEdition]

This week the horror-duo kick off 2015 demands for hover boards! Forest takes on the high octane and low rent Lady Terminator about a killer sea wench. Cory sticks to the millennial faith based film Stigmata.

The gang also chat about the end of the world, Revelation: The End of Days on the History Channel -- which leads to a rant about the History Channel, and finally a discussion about how the Catholic Church is full of it's own crap.



★ ★


★ ★ ★




Gex said...

So many sex jokes could be made about the first 5 minutes of Lady Terminator. That movie has been one of my favorite so-bad-it's-good films for a while. When I first watched it, I watched it drunk. The dialogue is priceless.

The first 30 minutes of the movie had no indication of a Terminator rip-off at all. The whole time it's about women having sex with guys and cutting their dicks off. So when the lady terminator starts stalking that female protagonist, my first thought was, "Wait a minute, is she going to have sex with her? What is she going to cut off if she doesn't satisfy her?"

They rip off a few terminator lines, of course, but they make a half-assed attempt at using a Predator line: "If it bleeds it dies."

I was dying laughing during the airport chase, especially at the part when the terminator car survives getting blown up with missiles from the helicopter, and then runs into an airplane, blows that up, and is still driving around. It makes no fucking sense, but it's one of the most entertaining fucking things I have ever seen.

And one of the sailors in the film is named Popeye.

You have to admit though, the eye surgery scene, eyeball in the sink aside, is actually done better than in the actual Terminator movie.