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PODCAST 135: House On Haunted Hill & Tusk

This week Forest reviews House On Haunted Hill, visiting a time when William Castle got asses to fill seats in theaters showing his films by carrying out cheap and sometimes wild stunts. Cory discovers what a walrus man looks like with Kevin Smith's body horror monster movie Tusk [Spoilers between 38:17 to 42:15].

Cory gets his rocks off celebrating the 16-bit era by playing Super Mario World and Zelda: A Link to the Past. Forest views the third and final Hobbit film, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Also, the duo ponder what a Zakk Wylde dwarf would look like. And let's not forget the recent Oscar nominations and how they are totally racist.






Hey, it's that Epic Meal Time guy...nice beard.




Gex said...

Why do you guys even care about the Oscars? I stopped giving a shit about it years ago because the nominators are shitty people who have shitty tastes in movies.

Why a walrus in Tusk? Well you might remember at the start of the movie that it was "Based on true events." Now, that doesn't mean anything fucked up like that happened in real life. It means that it's based off a smodcast that Kevin Smith was in where they talked about an ad they discovered online where an old man had the same backstory as the old guy in the movie (minus the eating part), and he had a room for rent, and he said the condition of staying at the place is that hte guest had to occasionally put on a walrus suit and act like a walrus. On the DVD/Blu-Ray of the movie, it has the entire smodcast where they talk about this, while high.

Fun fact, Kevin Smith did Tusk to raise enough money for Clerks 3.

Samurai Cop is great. I didn't think it was quite as entertaining as Lady Terminator, but I do agree it's better than Miami Connection. Plus it has music that belongs in a videogame. So does the dialogue for that matter. I did a drunk review for both Samurai Cop and Lady Terminator on letterboxd.