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Now I know what you're thinking, and yes I am covering two stock photoshops that have been well covered in the past. These two images have been so egregiously overused I just couldn't help myself. But to be more precise, the real reason I'm collecting these pics is because they are still turning up, and I have to beg the question, WHY?!

Back in May of 2011 the CDC released, on their website, a zombie survival guide. Complete with downloadable zombie awareness posters and novella that describes what one may need to overcome in order to survive a zombie outbreak.

Naturally there were scores of people who took to social media claiming, "The CDC admits zombies are real. I told you so!". But in reality, this was all just a clever way to get the attention of the American people, tricking them into conciser their own survival during a natural or man made disaster.

With all that said, the CDC's zombie awareness posters landed here in Volume 2 of "Photoshop Rip Off!" because, as you can see, they utilize the same familiar face. Now if a government agency purchases the rights to a stock photo such as this, they used MY hard earned tax dollars. The way I see it is that every tax paying America, myself included, own this image. Maybe that's why everyone is using it.

I've been sitting on this next one for a while now, Zombie Apocalypse. I first say this in early 2013 at Walmart, or RedBox or something, I don't know. By that time I was pretty well zombied out and not interested in another straight to video zombie flick, but couldn't help but notice the cover. The image to it's right I found recently on the Echo Bridge website. It's the cover to "Horror Cinema", one of their many budget horror movie collections. Ironically, the company who had the least to gain from using this image did the best disguising it as an original piece of art.

The final two are Bat Shit Crazy and House of Fallen. Two covers that I included in the previous "Photoshop Rip Off!", but it only makes sense to include them here with the rest.

I would like to learn more about the photo itself. Perhaps the who the woman is in the photo and where it originated. If you have any info on either of these, or if you've encountered the photo in another use, please let me know.