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PODCAST 138: I Spit on Your Grave & Thriller: A Cruel Picture [Rape & Revenge Edition]

This week the horror duo celebrate Valentines in a very classy and distinguished way, by reviewing two of the most notorious rape & revenge films ever made. Forest will share his thoughts on I Spit On Your Grave, and Cory will explain why Thriller: A Cruel Picture doesn't work.

They also about about seeing Ed Wood's Glen or Glenda and Play 9 From Outer Space at the local Erie Movie House. The film Whiplash is fantastic and if you're one of those people who can't appreciate a drum solo "fuck you, go watch this movie!". Cory purchased health insurance and Forest saw a comic book/radio drama/play...thing.









Gex said...

First of all, have you guys seen John Wick?

Good news. There does exist a movie that has a rape scene that is a bit different with the woman's reaction to it. That whole self-doubt and "I might have liked it" element to rape, which is very similar to what Cory talked about, and it's not a hentai. Surely you guys must have seen Straw Dogs and know exactly what scene I'm talking about (and I mean the 70s movie).

I've been waiting for one of you to review I Spit on Your Grave. I watched it a long while back, and I doubt I'll ever watch it again. Aside from the un-enjoyable content, it's not a very well made film when you look beyond the exploitation, mainly for the reasons Forest gave (villains acting like complete fucking idiots). With that said, any plans for reviewing the remake?

Well, now we'll see if your next few podcasts end up getting unintentionally plagued with rape films like the last time you guys did a podcast like this.

Sorry for not commenting last time. I listened to it, but Bork scared me off. No not really, I was just lazy.

Harvey said...

Cory, it sounded like you basically watched an almost-snuff porno this week. That'll be tough to top!